Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Address the issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance with technology and processes designed to handle an increasingly complex GRC landscape

In the past decade, enterprises in nearly every industry and every country have had to significantly transform processes related to areas of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

  • The global economic crisis of 2008 resulted in sweeping new regulations for banking – and necessitated a thorough inward look at internal risk processes and consequences
  • Healthcare organizations in the U.S. have new regulations tied to the Affordable Care Act – in addition to existing HIPAA privacy laws
  • Consumer privacy laws in Europe and elsewhere have created unique challenges for multinational entities who conduct business on the web
  • Every organization – regardless of size, industry, or location – must manage cybersecurity risks

Organizations have a common set of needs across all these situations:

  • Requirements to handle an increasing volume and variety of data in an efficient and manageable way
  • A need to respond quickly to uncertainty – from threats, regulations, or other internal and external factors
  • Support for all facets of GRC – mature yet agile governance policies, enabled by proactive risk mitigation, and aligned with up-to-date regulations

Meeting these needs requires not only more modern technologies, but newer ways to think about how to leverage technology in the first place.

MarkLogic is at the forefront of these challenges – not only providing a new generation data management platform that supports today’s data, but also allowing organizations to completely rethink what is possible. The MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL platform is delivering complex data integration for organizations in a variety of industries – providing them with several key advantages such as:

  • Agility to quickly act on the changing threat, exposure, and regulatory landscape
  • Streamlined coverage of diverse risk management functions
  • Ability to proactively discover threats and risks
  • A comprehensive view of financial exposure
  • Manageable and contextual line of sight between policy and regulations
  • Enterprise data management that scales with business needs


Develop Applications Faster

Flexible & Scalable

Scales out on any hardware environment, adapts as data changes and new data is added

Simpler, Faster Data Integration

Any Format

Load and manage data, content, and metadata without the pain of upfront data modeling

Use A Single Platform

Reliable Performance

Transactional consistency (ACID), high availability, and government-grade security

Simpler, Faster Data Integration

Rapid Application Development

Build out applications in days and weeks that used to take months and years

Use A Single Platform

Unified Contextual Platform

Built-in Search & Semantics eliminates the complexity and brittleness that multiple applications carry

Develop Applications Faster

Lower Costs

Reduces time to market, management time, and overall costs