Education Professionals are offering new custom content and creating additional revenue streams using MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database.

Solutions for Education

Educators and Publishers are looking for new ways to engage students and appraise accomplishments through custom instructional materials and adaptive learning systems. By combining the flexible document storage of an Enterprise NoSQL database with a built-in search engine and web services, MarkLogic is in the forefront in both these areas.

Educational Agility

An agile infrastructure enables educators to create custom learning materials and assessments to meet student needs. MarkLogic provides the only Enterprise NoSQL database supporting the reliability and features required by educators. Our advanced capabilities enable agility by storing and indexing books, chapters, rich media – even test questions, and allowing educators to mix and match materials, assemble, transform in real-time, and instantaneously deliver custom products.

Engage students and match learning styles by providing a secure, collaborative, easy-to-search environment where students can access, curate, and annotate lectures, videos, and notes – whenever they want. Systems built using MarkLogic enable all content types to be stored, tagged, searched, and shared.

Deliver test questions through any channel, track student progress over time – and learn efficacy of questions. Systems built using MarkLogic provide agile environments for automating test assembly, delivery, and tracking.

Online libraries that aggregate content from third party institutions and publishers require a flexible system that enables students, faculty, and researchers to search across all these collections through one metadata catalog. With advanced metadata management features, educators and educational publishers are empowered to easily create in-depth metadata and categories without developer involvement.

Faster and More Flexible Education Tools

Educational publishers, educators, and students thrive on MarkLogic-centered applications because they offer custom learning and assessment environments by combining all types of learning materials into a single, high-performance repository. With its granular indexing and sub-second search capabilities, MarkLogic allows students and educators to find the precise materials they are looking for at the time they need it, then deliver the material via any channel.

MarkLogic Benefits

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