Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solutions

Leading media companies and organizations with high volumes of valuable digital assets are transitioning from mass distribution to mass customization with MarkLogic. Our advanced Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions cut through the complexity of traditional asset management to focus on metadata, and provide a comprehensive view of digital assets within an organization. With MarkLogic, assets from across the organization can be accessed with sub-second speed, and delivery is simplified – significantly reducing costs while opening up new revenue opportunities.


Digital Asset Management for Enterprise Agility

Revenue opportunities from digital products are rapidly increasing, digital marketing and retail is continuing to grow at record paces – organizations now have more digital assets than ever that need to be continuously managed and accessed. These assets are commonly located in separate silos and too often not discoverable throughout an entire organization.

With MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database, organizations are able to take a Big Data approach to managing their assets – accumulate and update all metadata from the disparate systems for a single-view across all the creation silos – streamlining packaging and delivery. With MarkLogic, users of these systems can find the right asset from millions or even billions of records to create special packages for specific audiences as well as automate delivery of these assets.


Faster and More Flexible Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management solutions built on MarkLogic take all asset data and associated data “as-is” from the source system. This powerful view can combine the precise asset information from a digital asset store with product, title, sales history, usage information and more to create custom digital asset workflows tailored to each task in delivering digital assets. MarkLogic is also able to store and manage rich media to simplify the delivery of assets then become the single source to find, select, and deliver digital assets.

As asset volume continues to grow, our powerful search with sub-second capabilities quickly retrieves relevant content through a single interface, eliminating manual searches. “Self-service” portals are built on top of MarkLogic to allow third parties to request assets and have them delivered online automatically.


Typical Digital Asset Environment

Digital Asset Environment


Digital Asset Environment with MarkLogic

Digital Asset Management with MarkLogic


Benefits of Using MarkLogic for Digital Asset Management (DAM)


Organizations can take advantage of the new digital revenue opportunities, maximizing digital marketing and retail opportunities with custom digital asset applications built on MarkLogic.


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