Data Virtualization

“MarkLogic definitely provides the flexibility to handle big data – both in terms of processing speed as well as the flexibility of dealing with the specific content and format aspects.”

— Jeff Cunningham, CTO, ICA

Data Virtualization Solutions

Organizations with business critical information scattered across separately owned and managed silos need this data in one place. MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database overcomes the limitations of rigid RDBMS-based systems, enabling comprehensive data virtualization.

The growing volumes of information available today continue to put a heavy work load on data analysts. It is difficult and often too time consuming for analysts to separate the useful information from the rest. They risk drawing incorrect conclusions because they missed buried, relevant information. Or they risk missing a critical deadline or opportunity because it took so long to analyze the data.

Data Virtualization & Enterprise Agility

Most organizations have information that resides in many different silos and is identified with metadata that differs from department to department. Assembling this data has, until now, required extensive manual search and retrieval – delaying access or even limiting use altogether. Today, organizations can more easily gain a single view across separately owned data silos using MarkLogic. This gives them a complete picture of all their information to enable better decision-making. MarkLogic provides the only Enterprise NoSQL database that gives organizations a powerful, unified search and retrieval interface.

Data Virtualization Solution
Without data virtualization, your applications need to be integrated with multiple repositories.

Faster and More Flexible Data Virtualization

Information comes in many different formats, and modeling various format types into a relational model is too hard and time-consuming. The flexibility of MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL architecture, which stores all content natively in XML, alleviates that pain. Our flexible data model enables loading information “as is,” so all data types and formats can be loaded and searched from across the enterprise with minimal upfront planning and design.

MarkLogic is the Enterprise NoSQL database that manages all types of data at scale in real time. MarkLogic lets developers build the capabilities that help analysts make quick, informed decisions with Big Data.

Data Virtualization from MarkLogic
With MarkLogic, your applications connect to a single data virtualization layer across organizational silos.

Benefits of Using MarkLogic for Data Virtualization

Organizations using MarkLogic for a comprehensive view of all their information see these benefits from data virtualization:

  • Reduce – digital asset search and retrieval from days to minutes
  • Save as much as 20% on license agreement costs by understanding what assets are actually being used
  • Identify the complete picture of threats and other influences in a mission-critical situation

Links to More Information on Data Virtualization

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