Content Delivery

By storing content as XML, MarkLogic is enabling content developers to package and deliver their revenue generating assets in any desired format, delivered on all types of devices.

Information is powering the economy today. Whether it’s breaking news, financial data, operational dashboards or sales support materials – staying competitive means delivering information on demand. With MarkLogic storing content as XML, repurposing and engaging valuable content has never been easier or more affordable for organizations.

Enterprise Agility

Organizations of all sizes, from the BBC to non-profits want to get the right content – be it reports, publications, business intelligence or marketing materials, to the right audience – via any channel, on demand. By storing content as XML, MarkLogic makes it easy for clients to package and deliver it in any desired format. With MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database, organizations are able to accumulate all metadata from the disparate systems for a single-view across all the creation silos — to streamline packaging and delivery. For example, the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) ported 100 years of its 12 scientific publications into MarkLogic to make that content available for researchers and subscribers via the Web, iPad, and smart phones. Scientists can literally access scientific research on the environment, crops, and soil while in the field. Production costs have gone down, saving ASA more than $150,000 a year, while customer satisfaction and revenue opportunities have gone up.

Faster and More Flexible

Channel delivery has often required a single-purposed system, putting out highly formatted content. MarkLogic Content Delivery solution automates content repurposing to any desired digital channel. With content stored in a neutral, XML format along with powerful queries and transformation ability, content is quickly found, assembled, dynamically reformatted – and delivered to audiences – even if they are standing in a field. As asset volume continues to grow, our powerful search with sub-second capabilities quickly retrieves relevant content through a single interface, eliminating manual searches. “Self-service” portals are built on top of MarkLogic to allow 3rd parties to request assets and have them delivered online automatically.

Content Delivery

Content Delivery Application

MarkLogic Benefits

MarkLogic Content Delivery allows content, and even content “chunks”, to be assembled and automatically transformed for any digital channel.


Following are links to XML authoring using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, as well as a paper on how to create new documents using existing content.

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