Oracle DBMS Migration Accelerator

You have made the decision that your Oracle DBMS does not have the speed, scalability and flexibility to support your business in today’s poly-structured, data-centric world and that MarkLogic is the only viable Enterprise NoSQL alternative. Implementing MarkLogic requires a paradigm shift to leverage the full potential of this high performance platform that handles any data, at any volume, in any structure. The members of our Expert Services team have personally made this transition and now help the world’s largest organizations through a pain-free transition. We are uniquely qualified to make your project a success.

Our highly skilled MarkLogic consultants and instructors will support your project with product training and expert technical guidance geared specifically for organizations transitioning from legacy relational databases to MarkLogic. The Oracle DBMS Migration Accelerator includes MarkLogic product training, onsite data migration support, and knowledge transfer and mentoring. Let us help you transition to Enterprise NoSQL.

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Service Details

Our Oracle DBMS Migration Accelerator is designed to rapidly transition MarkLogic into your environment. We use the familiar Extract, Transform, and Load process to move your data into MarkLogic. Key to this process is our expert relational-to-XML modeling skills that ensure you get the correct data model for your business needs. Further, we can help you redesign your applications to unlock the power of all your data.


Whether your Oracle DBMS implementation has one table or hundreds, or you need to migrate and join data from multiple schemas and databases, our approach will scale to meet your needs. We are experienced in writing complex extraction routines and will leverage your knowledge of your data to create a comprehensive extract.


Our consultants are experts at transitioning from relational-to-XML data structures and will guide you through best practices from data modeling to designing and implementing transforms to current or future-state XML schemas as well as popular XML standards in your industry.

Load As-Is

MarkLogic allows you to load XML as-is: you do not need to know your target schema up front and you do not need to conform to any standard other than well-formed XML. You simply load as-is and you are done. Need to validate your data migrated correctly; we have a solution for that. From modest loads to thousands of documents per second, we’ve got it covered.

Transition Application Logic

MarkLogic’s powerful query and analytics capability will help you do more than just replicate your SQL queries – you can now start to unlock the value in your data like never before. Our consultants will guide you through a process of identifying the business goals of the queries and redesigning the application logic to allow end users to quickly get the information they really need from the data.

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