Object-Based Intelligence Accelerator

As the only Enterprise NoSQL database, MarkLogic® delivers support for Big Data scale and performance, enabling our customers to build systems that cost-effectively aggregate and manage billions of data points and documents from numerous highly disparate data sources. MarkLogic has long been the platform on which organizations bring together heterogeneous datasets quickly, seamlessly, and securely, and make them immediately searchable.

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With MarkLogic’s Object-based Intelligence (OBI) approach, organizations now realize significant tradecraft gains by presenting data as real world physical or intangible objects. These objects are made up of data that ranges from temporal to geospatial so analysts can examine a problem with a more complete and coherent picture, filling in the gaps left by traditional analytical methodologies.

MarkLogic Consulting has assisted organizations in realizing significant gains by presenting their disparate data as real world physical or intangible objects. Using an OBI approach, objects within MarkLogic can be made of data ranging from temporal to geospatial which allows analysts to examine a problem with a more complete and coherent picture and to fill in the gaps left by traditional analytical methodologies.

What We Will Help You Do

MarkLogic will partner with your organization to leverage lessons learned and pre-existing Intellectual Property where applicable to accelerate implementation timeframes in building your OBI-based application.

Build Ontologies

MarkLogic consultants will give you expert technical guidance on defining object ontologies that are specific for your particular domains. These ontologies are a core component of an OBI-based approach of deploying MarkLogic, and will help drive how objects relate to each other. We’ll also show you how you can easily modify and refine these ontologies as needs evolve.

Create and Manage Sources and Objects

Using an OBI approach, objects can be linked together to imply connection or association. They can be merged when two objects exist that represent the same thing. Additionally, objects are associated with sources, with each object property also attributable to one or more sources. MarkLogic consultants will advise you on all aspects of creating, linking, modifying, and merging these objects and sources.

Take Advantage of Object Searching

Our experienced consultants will show you how to best take advantage of the power of semantic search. Leveraging an OBI approach to deploying MarkLogic adds to the robust content search at the core of MarkLogic technology with the ability to perform meaningful searches of semantic data. All the relationships of semantic data are fully searchable ‒ and rapidly so because of the triple index in MarkLogic. We’ll quickly get you up and running with search for sources as well as for objects by their linked objects, sources, and types.

Integrate Mapping

MarkLogic consultants will help you configure and integrate your geospatial mapping tool so that you can query unstructured data that has been semantically processed and linked by MarkLogic and visualize and overlay that data geographically. We’ll also show you how to specify attributes for each feature returned by a geospatial query, opening up a host of exciting possibilities for spatial analysis.

Implement Security

As with every system built on MarkLogic, a system leveraging an OBI approach has robust, customizable, granular security for all operations. Our experts will help you develop a security model that protects your data from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, or destruction and ensures that users who have the authority to see, add, and update data have the access to do so.

And More…

Finally, we’ll advise and support you in extending your application further to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Getting Started

Our highly skilled MarkLogic Consultants are ready to guide you in the development of your OBI-based application. With our expertise and support, your enterprise will be able to search, discover, and find meaning in intelligence about people, places, and things scattered across a variety of content and systems. We’ll assist you in getting a complete picture of subjects leveraging an OBI approach via linking and relationships, thereby enabling greater insights. We will expertly guide you beyond outdated free-text searches to realize the substantial analytical gains of geospatial search, relationship search, and context search.

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