Technical Account Manager Service

MarkLogic is the Enterprise NoSQL database designed to handle Big Data at scale in real time. It provides the agility you need to build and deploy information applications to solve challenges where other technologies fail. As a key part of your information infrastructure, MarkLogic gives your organization the functionality and flexibility required to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and new requirements.

Service Overview

Every successful team has key members with enthusiasm, a deep knowledge of technology, and commitment to project and mission success. Among these members are leaders whose technical expertise surpasses all others and who enable the organization to make huge leaps forward. This type of leader offers vision, big picture thinking, and innovation. This leader’s role goes by different names in different organizations—“Technical Lead” or “Architect” are just a few.

At MarkLogic, we call these experts Technical Account Managers (TAM). TAMs drive customer success on MarkLogic supported projects by offering project risk mitigation, promoting best practices and methodology, accelerating implementations, educating the workforce on MarkLogic capabilities, and acting as a liaison and customer advocate to MarkLogic. A TAM is the linchpin in exploiting the MarkLogic platform to its fullest.

Service Details

MarkLogic TAMs accelerate your success by fulfilling three key roles.

Solution Architect

Customers see the greatest return on investment when the MarkLogic platform is fully exploited and properly implemented. MarkLogic TAMs enable both by combining deep knowledge of the MarkLogic technology with the customer business.

TAMs have access to tools and techniques used in other implementations of the platform. They draw on their broad experience to assess evolving MarkLogic best practices and implement the best ones for your particular project. As a solution architect for your team, the TAM increases quality and predictability in all programs that use MarkLogic.

Project Manager

MarkLogic TAMs advise on project management and help develop realistic implementation plans. They assist in milestone and schedule development for efficient resource planning. They help your leaders understand tactical implementation issues and their impact on projects.

TAMs are your liaison into the MarkLogic organization. TAMs have direct access to our product management, product support, and product engineering organizations to ask questions, provide client feedback, and gain information on upcoming releases. And if necessary, TAMs facilitate and escalate urgent issues to the appropriate levels within MarkLogic. As your liaison, your TAM will also look for trends in the support issues you face and help you address these issues strategically – evaluating Operation & Maintenance procedures, infrastructure, and product usage.

Business and Technical Advisor

TAMs apply their domain-specific subject matter expertise to get your program where it needs to be — quickly. They identify new and existing MarkLogic features that will help achieve your business goals. They educate your workforce and provide knowledge transfer and mentoring.

In addition to being technical advisors, TAMs solve business problems by acting as a translator between technical and business stakeholders. TAMs help your technologists understand the business impact of specific technical topics. And they help business leaders develop a vision for new solutions and products through quarterly strategic planning workshops and during the lifecycle of your project. These interactions are summarized in a quarterly account summary to the executive team.

TAM Service Options

We offer two levels of 6-12 month support.


  • TAM is available to you 50% of the time
  • Onsite approximately 25% of the time
  • Recommended if you have flexibility with scheduling and availability

TAM Premium

  • TAM is dedicated to your project and available to you 100% of the time
  • Onsite approximately 30-50% of the time
  • Recommended if you have aggressive schedules and require a single resource knowledgeable in your environment

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