Quick Start Service

The MarkLogic Quick Start Service accelerates your project implementation, speeding the return of your MarkLogic investment.

MarkLogic leads the advancement of Big Data with the Enterprise NoSQL database. Customers trust MarkLogic to drive revenue and growth through Big Data Applications enabled by MarkLogic products, services, and partners. MarkLogic is a fast growing enterprise software company and ushers in a new era of Big Data by powering more than 500 of the world’s most critical Big Data Applications in the public sector and Global 1000. Organizations around the world get to better decisions faster with MarkLogic.

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Service Overview

The MarkLogic Quick Start Service speeds your implementation of MarkLogic while rapidly accruing real-world business benefits. With Quick Start, your on-site team and our expert consultants collaborate to produce a working application in eight weeks or less. Quick Start provides your team with the skills and experience to accelerate the return on your investment in MarkLogic. MarkLogic consultants will guide your team through integrating data sources and using MarkLogic’s many features to build powerful applications quickly.

Cost and Productivity Benefits

The Quick Start service was designed to help you accomplish three major objectives:

  • Ensure your first MarkLogic project is a resounding success
  • Ensure that success continues by creating a repeatable model for the future
  • Deliver a working application underpinned by a best practice architecture

Service Details

The team will work together in iterations, incorporating customer feedback at each step. The service includes the following deliverables, which are fundamental to helping your team leverage the capabilities of MarkLogic:

  • Data ingest / migration strategy
  • Data access / delivery channel capability
  • Software and information architecture

At the outset of the service, we will train your team in the fundamentals of MarkLogic. Our expert consultants will also demonstrate the application of these newly acquired skills in mission-critical projects.

Getting Started

Allow our highly skilled MarkLogic consultants and instructors to support your project with product training and expert technical guidance. The Quick Start Service includes MarkLogic product knowledge transfer and mentoring, as well as on-site customized implementation. Get your MarkLogic solution off to a Quick Start!

Contact Us

To get started with MarkLogic Consulting Services or to get more information, you can contact your account representative, give us a call at 1-877-992-8885, or email us at sales@marklogic.com.