Partner Project Success Service

The MarkLogic Partner Project Success Service consists of predefined services designed to augment our partner teams on the most challenging projects. Delivered by senior MarkLogic architects and developers, the service is a key contributor to project success and provides an invaluable learning experience to the partner implementation team.

When working on Big Data problems, our customers constantly push the edge of technical feasibility, integrating high performance hardware and network systems with state of the art software systems. Success of such initiatives is imperative and requires a deep understanding of our product and its capabilities.

This service offers our partners a unique combination of review and advisory services spanning the entire project lifecycle. The service ensures that projects are properly scoped, well planned, effectively developed, and successfully deployed, reducing your risk and increasing your customer’s satisfaction.

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Service Details

Architecture Review

Architecture review entails a detailed analysis of proposed system architecture. As part of the review, best practice advice is delivered on the topics of:

  • Schema and database design
  • Security
  • Scalability and physical architecture
  • Resilience and disaster recovery

Key deliverables of the architecture review process include “Solution Architecture” and “Physical Architecture” documents. The documents are created and owned by partners with inputs from MarkLogic.

Planning and Status Review

Planning and status review entails a detailed analysis of the implementation plan and weekly status reviews. As part of the review, best practice advice is offered on the topics of:

  • Iteration planning
  • Task duration
  • Resource allocation

Code Review

Code review entails weekly participation of MarkLogic in code review sessions. As part of the review, best practice advice is delivered on topics of:

  • Coding for performance
  • Coding for maintainability
  • Code testing methodology and frameworks

Scalability Review

Scalability testing is critical to successful production launch and a vital task of all projects. As part of the review, best practice advice is offered on scalability testing and execution strategy and an analysis of test results to identify system and software bottlenecks. Working alongside the partner implementation team, our consultants perform detailed reviews of:

  • Scalability requirements
  • Scalability testing and execution strategy
  • Scalability test results

Production System Readiness Review

Product system readiness entails an audit of production environment and production processes spanning:

  • Code deployment
  • Software upgrade
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Monitoring

Key deliverables of the system readiness check is an audit report highlighting the strengths and weakness of the production environment, along with recommendations for improvement.

Go-Live Support

To facilitate smooth production cutover and go-live activities, our consultants provide dedicated online support to the partner project team. With years of experience launching production applications, our consultants provide an oversight of launch activities and assist with issue resolution where appropriate.

Post Production Review

Post production reviews entail project audit spanning planning, development, deployment, and go-live. Our consultants work along with the partner implementation team to create an audit report highlighting project successes and outline areas of improvement for future endeavors. Project audit reports are created and owned by the partner team with inputs from MarkLogic.

Partner Project Success Service Bundles

Not all projects are equal. The complexity and duration of projects have high variance. To accommodate a wide variety of project needs, the Partner Project Success Service is offered in 3 bundles of 20, 35 and 50 days. Your partner manager will work with you to determine which bundle is suitable for your project.

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