Performance Health Check Service

Once you’ve successfully deployed your applications on MarkLogic Server and are enjoying the benefits of the world’s only Enterprise NoSQL database, it’s tempting to stand back and let your system hum along productively. But as your business processes continue to build on your MarkLogic installation and more data flows into and through it, a periodic health check is beneficial. The MarkLogic Performance Health Check Service can protect and increase the return on your investment by ensuring optimal health of this critical component of your business

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Service Overview

After you’ve seen how successful applications are on MarkLogic, you’ll very likely start moving everything you can into MarkLogic. Or maybe you’re wondering if you can maximize resources already allocated to MarkLogic to better accommodate service demands. It’s also common that as a system matures, the minor tweaks and changes over time begin to add up to significant system impact. Are you under provisioned? Over provisioned? Can you rework your existing configuration to get more efficiency?

The MarkLogic Performance Health Check Service can help in all these areas. It helps you get more from the cost of ownership by maximizing system efficiency and by anticipating service demands across the enterprise. As part of the Performance Health Check, one of our highly trained consultants will come to your site to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current system. This evaluation will enable the consultant to make recommendations on how to more robustly exploit your MarkLogic programs.

Service Details

Step 1: Evaluation

We’ll work with your team on-site to gain a clear understanding of the current status of your deployment. We’ll perform the analyses listed below that are right for your needs:

Application Architecture
We’ll meet with your technical architects and stakeholders to understand your application requirements, business processes, design decisions, and application architecture. We’ll also learn about any particular areas where you’d like to see improvements.

System Architecture and Administration
In this module, we’ll begin to assess your system as a whole. Working with technical architects and system engineers, we’ll map out your network architecture, storage architecture, server architecture, high availability mechanisms, hardware resources, and software configurations.

Areas for Optimization
In what areas do you want to see improvements? After a system is in production, organizations often uncover areas where they’d like to see a boost in performance or achieve a more optimal execution. With your application engineers, we’ll walk through the developed application to learn the data flows and resource utilization hot spots. We’ll determine how the application architecture and system architecture work together to create areas that could be enhanced.

System Performance
With an eye toward improving performance, we’ll monitor your system resources to better understand any hot spots. We’ll work with your technical staff to examine system resources metrics, network utilization, and storage utilization. We’ll uncover where the system might be waiting on other resources. And we’ll monitor and record metrics at all touch points in the system to determine where you can realize greater performance.

System Sizing
Maturing systems usually outgrow their original sizing estimates as a result of design changes and enhancements. Whenever such changes occur, it’s a good idea to regenerate sizing estimates and develop new recommendations. To correctly size your system, we’ll look at your server resources such as CPU, RAM, storage, and swap; database configuration and indexes; backup and replication; document size and count; and anticipated growth.

Optimization Prototyping
We’ll review your MarkLogic code base for maintainability, performance, and best practices, as well as create a plan to rectify any issues. As appropriate, we’ll use profiling tools to determine the anticipated performance gain from the refactoring.

Step 2: Findings Report

Your MarkLogic consultant will analyze the findings and deliver a report of observations and recommendations. For each recommendation, the report will explain the reasoning behind it, outline its benefits, discuss testing scenarios, and list the resources needed to implement the recommendation.

Step 3: Findings Review

In the Findings Review, we will meet with you to go over the recommendations in detail and to explain the value of each recommendation. We’ll work with you to create a roll out plan and, of course, we’ll be there along the way to help you execute that plan.

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