Center of Excellence Service

A MarkLogic Center of Excellence provides your organization the governance processes and technology expertise necessary to innovate using MarkLogic while leveraging best practices, shortening project implementation cycles, reducing cost, and mitigating risk.

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Service Overview

Your first project using MarkLogic has been successful. You’ve invested time, people, and resources in a high performance platform that handles any data, at any volume, in any structure. Now you are looking for ways to make the most of your investment and experience by using MarkLogic technology to its fullest potential to solve your organization’s Big Data challenges.

The MarkLogic Consulting Services team is a trusted adviser to the largest deployments of MarkLogic in the world. The same consultants who empowered your initial success are ready to help you stand-up an in-house MarkLogic Center of Excellence (COE).

MarkLogic Center of Excellence

A COE enables successful acceptance of new, innovative technologies. It creates a team of experts within your organization who will ensure you get the fullest value out of your MarkLogic investment and the tools and processes needed to support them. The MarkLogic COE will be able to identify and vet when and how to use MarkLogic as new challenges arise and will be a central source of information and support for everything related to MarkLogic.

Key Benefits

With a MarkLogic COE, your organization will benefit from the following:

  • Higher ROI from fully leveraging and properly implementing MarkLogic
  • Decreased implementation and platform support costs
  • Accelerated deployment as a result of re-usable code, reference libraries, and best practices
  • Mitigated risk due to deep MarkLogic expertise
  • Increased agility with resources able to respond rapidly to issues and requests
  • Optimum solution for each problem
  • Institutionalized best practices, increasing quality and predictability
  • Established standards and guidelines derived from both your business and MarkLogic technology

Business Value

Continual innovation is critical to maintain and grow market share and successfully support your business needs. A MarkLogic COE assists your organization in evaluating and applying technology resources in strategic alignment with your business priorities. Assessing new projects for technology fit ensures that your organization leverages the right technology solution, reducing project timelines and increasing success rates. And strategically applying deep expertise in MarkLogic allows your organization to successfully implement higher complexity projects with higher quality in a shorter amount of time.

COE Features

A MarkLogic COE combines deep insight of MarkLogic technology with knowledge of your specific business. We’ll work with you to develop the tools, processes, methodologies, services, and the team that will comprise your MarkLogic COE and provide expertise at leveraging MarkLogic technology across your organization.

Tools and Process Capabilities

The COE maintains the tools and processes needed to quickly stand-up and execute new applications built on MarkLogic. Providing a standard development environment and maintaining a library of re-useable components accelerates delivery and reduces new project risk.

Engineering Services

The COE offers services in all aspects of engineering including feasibility analysis, architecture planning, code review, code development, data migration planning and design, system health checks, and overall technical support. COE members provide expertise in MarkLogic Server, XML, JSON, JavaScript, SPARQL, Semantics, XQuery, XSLT, Data Science, Big Data strategies and other related technologies.

Organizational Support

At the Organizational level, the COE communicates, facilitates, and educates stakeholders on the usage of the MarkLogic technology platform. Training and education are provided through informal Brown Bags and Seminars as well as through onsite MarkLogic courses or external MarkLogic training and conferences. The COE assists with resource management by maintaining an inventory of trained and certified staff members. The COE also serves as the central point for MarkLogic within the organization, fostering internal communication and discussion related to MarkLogic technology.

Operational Assistance

The COE’s deep technical capabilities serve as Tier 3 support for all applications built on MarkLogic, allowing the organization to respond rapidly to operational issues. The COE also manages the client-vendor relationship with MarkLogic Corporation, interfacing with MarkLogic Product Support and Product Management, to monitor release schedules and understand how to best leverage new product features and the best rollout strategy for your organization.

Resourcing Approach

Building a strong team is essential to realizing the full value of the COE.

Your organization staffs the COE with both dedicated resources and division representatives. These individuals will not only become MarkLogic experts but will also have expertise on the surrounding infrastructure that integrates with MarkLogic. This team composition ensures the comprehensive knowledge and experience necessary for optimal design, engineering, and troubleshooting activities.

MarkLogic staffs the COE with onsite and offsite resources. Our onsite consultants collaborate with your team instantaneously and in person. They are supported by the extended offsite MarkLogic team of subject matter experts, customer support, and product engineering.

Getting Started

MarkLogic Consulting Services supports your COE from initiation through operation. First, we will work with you to assess your current adoption level of MarkLogic including infrastructure, tools, processes, and staff skills. We will then provide you proposed actions and recommended timelines to stand up your COE. Next, we’ll work with you to implement the recommendations. Once your COE is stood up, we will help staff your COE with resources and expertise at a level that meets your needs.

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