Asset Management Starter Kit

The world’s leading media companies use MarkLogic to create and deliver their digital products faster, at massive scale. The MarkLogic Asset Management Starter Kit is designed to accelerate your asset management implementation and operation, speeding the return of your MarkLogic investment.

Digital Asset Management

Most DAM (Digital Asset Management) systems are inflexible, have to determine their data up front and need extensive work to add new data types or change existing ones. Customization of these systems is typically very difficult and time consuming. DAM systems are made for a single purpose, not flexible, or easily extensible outside the creators design philosophy.

The MarkLogic Solution

The MarkLogic Asset Management Starter Kit is a flexible framework built on MarkLogic Server that gives your company a customizable Asset Management platform that will suit your needs, including:

  • Flexibility to load new information (metadata and assets) quickly and easily
  • Update and change existing data types
  • Quickly create custom configurations

Asset Management Starter Kit Overview

Import and export digital assets and extend the out of the box front-end interface quickly using the Asset Management Starter Kit. Consulting Services included in the kit allow our experts to guide your team on your initial implementation. Built on MarkLogic, you get the flexibility of the world’s best content data repository and search technology.

Starter Kit Details

Our Starter Kit includes a combination of packaged extensions to MarkLogic and MarkLogic Consulting Services. The packaged extensions include:

  • A flexible web interface and framework
  • Plug-in based data ingest capability
  • Plug-in based data delivery capability

120 consulting hours are included and can be applied to help where you need it: training your staff, creating new plug-ins, integrating data sources, creating delivery channels, customizing or extending the user interface, or beginning a new implementation.

Cost and Productivity Benefits

The Starter Kit was designed to help you accomplish three major objectives:

  • Decrease your time to market by at least 3 to 6 months
  • Create a standard and centralized pluggable architecture and framework
  • Create a flexible and customizable user interface

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