Architecture Validation and Evaluation Service

MarkLogic is a next generation database designed to handle the data volume, variety, velocity, and complexity challenges of Big Data. It provides the agility you need to build and deploy information applications to solve Big Data challenges where other technologies fail. As a key part of your information infrastructure, MarkLogic gives your organization the functionality and flexibility required to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and new requirements.

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Service Overview

The MarkLogic Architecture Validation and Evaluation (AVE) Service equips our customers to put the powerful features of MarkLogic into action on your existing programs to solve the Big Data challenges you face with legacy technologies.

MarkLogic Consulting Services consultants have built and deployed systems in a variety of industries, on a wealth of data, and in an assortment of implementation stacks. We are experts at helping you evaluate existing technology challenges and design a revised architecture to address your unique business needs.

Service Details

The AVE Service comprises the following phases to quickly ramp up your team and get them productive on MarkLogic.

Foundational Training

You can bootstrap your team on XQuery and MarkLogic development with custom training classes based on your unique program. Brief us on your program objectives and we’ll recommend a training plan that educates your staff with the knowledge they’ll need to meet those objectives. The duration, the delivery method, and the course content will be based on what your team needs to gain a technical foundation for architecture and design discussions, quickly.

Architecture Validation and Evaluation

Once your team is equipped with a solid technical understanding of MarkLogic capabilities, we’ll work with you to analyze your business and architecture goals as well as constraints. From this analysis, we’ll formulate a future-state architecture plan that avoids road blocks and enables you to get from the starting state to a robust deployed solution in the shortest time possible.

Instead of spending months trying to map unstructured data into a relational model and migrating your data into a rigid structure, with MarkLogic you can begin right away to ingest your data of varying structure from diverse sources, without time-consuming transformations or migration. And MarkLogic makes it all immediately searchable and easily expandable with every detail fully available for analysis. We’ll show you how your architecture can be at once more flexible and less complex than with previous technologies.

Whether it’s integrating data sources, creating new delivery channels, developing real-time analytics, or using any of MarkLogic’s powerful features, our consultants understand the domain and can develop a plan that guides your team in the right direction.

Mentorship and Implementation Support

While you introduce MarkLogic into your architecture, we’ll be there to answer your questions, to inform you on best practices, and to augment your team on edge issues and sophisticated strategies. We have a breadth of experience making customers successful by swiftly ramping technologists at all levels from discovery to productivity. Our depth of expertise in MarkLogic is yours to draw on while you enhance your application architecture to take advantage of your Big Data business objectives.

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