MarkLogic 8 Upgrade Accelerator

MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database technology with the power and reliability you need to tackle Big Data projects. With MarkLogic 8, MarkLogic now offers greater agility and flexibility to do more at a faster pace with the skills your organization already possesses.

Service Overview

The MarkLogic 8 Upgrade Accelerator is designed to help our existing customers put the powerful features of MarkLogic 8 into action. We’ll explain how the new features apply to your business and identify which can best benefit your enterprise. Then we’ll work with you to plan and implement your upgrade. With our MarkLogic 8 experience and our close contact with product development, MarkLogic Consulting Services is your most cost-effective and lowest risk choice in planning and executing your upgrade.

What We Will Help You Do

MarkLogic 8 builds upon existing powerful enterprise-grade features to make it faster and easier for your organization to create reliable, scalable, and secure Big Data solutions. Our Upgrade Accelerator will assist you in upgrading your existing MarkLogic installation and then help you to understand how best to take advantage of these features.

Employ Bitemporal Data Management

MarkLogic consultants will advise you on the benefits of the new bitemporal capabilities of MarkLogic 8 and how bitemporal can be leveraged to allow you to track information provenance with full governance and immutability. We’ll help configure MarkLogic Server to manage and query temporal data and to ingest bitemporal documents. We can show you how to rewind information to “what it actually was” in combination with “as it was recorded” at a chosen point in time. This can allow you to go back in time and explore data, manage historical data across systems, ensure data integrity, and do complex bitemporal analyses.

Leverage the Power of Semantics

Our experts will help you understand the power of semantic data and how to put it into action. Whether enriching existing data with RDF triples, transforming data into RDF triples or bringing semantics data from other triple stores into MarkLogic, we can guide you on the best way to implement semantics in MarkLogic 8 post migration. We can show you how to leverage automatic inference to make search results richer and discover new relationships, how to determine which method of access is best for you—whether it’s REST or SPARQL endpoints, Java, JavaScript or XQuery. Then we can help you get started using that access to seamlessly search and integrate all of your XML, text, binary, JSON, and RDF data.

Implement Tiered Storage

MarkLogic consultants will advise you on how best to take advantage of tiered storage, allowing you to make smarter tradeoffs among cost, performance, availability, and flexibility. We can assist you in crafting a data governance policy and deployment plan that uses a fluid mix of SSD, local disk, shared disk, and a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as well as help you to decide if Amazon EBS and S3 can benefit you. We can show you how to use MarkLogic APIs to move data between tiers without complicated and expensive ETL and data duplication, and how your enterprise can optimize cost and performance by managing partitions and forests across the most active to least active tiers of data. Finally, we can show you how to combine bitemporal and tiered storage to migrate historical data to less expensive storage tiers, without losing indexes or the ability to query the data.

Enhance Database Rebalancing & Elasticity

MarkLogic 8 allows you to have greater control over automatically managing the scaling, sizing, and rebalancing of your database. MarkLogic consultants can help you devise an assignment policy for keeping data balanced among different hosts so that you can quickly and easily grow or shrink your system as needed, dynamically and without downtime. We can also assist you in configuring the rebalancer on forests and the database as a whole in order to increase service levels and decrease costs.

Get Better Performance through Monitoring

Our experienced consultants can show you how you can keep your MarkLogic platform healthy through cluster monitoring. We can teach you to make the most of the Monitoring and Monitoring History dashboards that enable you to identify patterns and more quickly diagnose outliers as well as drill down deeper into resources to spot exceptions.

Leverage Management APIs

MarkLogic 8 provides more programmatic control of MarkLogic configuration and administration. MarkLogic consultants can help you automate time-consuming repetitive management tasks, multi-step configurations and deployments, or performance testing and monitoring through the use of the new management APIs.

Harness Incremental Backups

In MarkLogic 8, you can perform backups faster and use less storage by backing up only changes since the previous incremental or full backup. Our consultants can help configure MarkLogic Server to perform incremental backups more frequently.

Exploit New Developer Experience

MarkLogic consultants will advise you on the new developer experience features in MarkLogic 8 that allow developers to use languages, like JavaScript, data formats, like JSON, and web middleware, like Node.js, that they already know. We’ll make sure you are aware of new ways to access MarkLogic’s proven capabilities and better leverage your investment.

Getting Started

Our expert consultants are trained and experienced at leveraging MarkLogic 8 functionality. During the MarkLogic 8 Upgrade Accelerator, we will:

  • Provide an overview of new features
  • Discuss the applicability of new features such as bitemporal data management, and server-side JavaScript
  • Discuss applicability of other features you may not yet be using, such as semantics and tiered storage
  • Evaluate your MarkLogic cluster’s operational configuration and its suitability to support the upgrade
  • Assess your application architecture and application code for opportunities to leverage new features
  • Identify any upgrade impacts on the organization, processes, and related technologies
  • Deliver an upgrade plan identifying activities, resources, timelines, and a risk mitigation plan

When you are ready to execute the upgrade plan, MarkLogic Consulting Services offers the most cost-effective choice at the lowest risk. We are available to complete the migration for you or work side-by-side with your technical team, providing hands-on training, best practice advice, and validation of implementation.

Contact Us

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