Consulting Services

The MarkLogic Consulting Services team puts an exceptional focus on customer success. Consulting Services views customers as partners and takes significant pride in consistently beating the highest expectations. Our consultants are passionate advocates for customers, enabling the rapid deployment of mission-critical Big Data Applications built on MarkLogic.

Consulting Services team members are Big Data experts with vast experience solving challenges with data volume, variety, velocity, and complexity. They are working with the world’s most innovative organizations on projects with lives at stake and trillions of dollars on the line. Consulting Services is constantly evolving its methodology to capture best practices and lessons learned. This dedication to perfection enables MarkLogic customers to bring Big Data Applications to market faster and cheaper than their competitors.

The MarkLogic Consulting Delivery Methodology uses Agile development methods that encourage stakeholder feedback and accelerate skill acquisition among team members to ensure your project’s success. With flexible options for assisting with your implementation, our full-time consultants can assist your team throughout the project, at key points throughout your development, or as needed. Check out our accelerators below or contact us to learn more.


Service Offerings

MarkLogic 7 Upgrade Accelerator

ML7 Upgrade Accelerator
The MarkLogic 7 Upgrade Accelerator is designed to help our existing customers put the powerful features of MarkLogic 7 into action
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Oracle DBMS Migration Accelerator

Oracle RDBMS Migration
Let us help you make an architecture paradigm shift with our Oracle DBMS Migration Accelerator. Leverage the full potential of a high-performance platform that handles any data, at any volume, in any structure.
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MarkLogic Deployment Accelerator for Hadoop

MarkLogic Deployment Accelerator for Hadoop
The MarkLogic Deployment Accelerator for Hadoop jump-starts projects that integrate MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database and Hadoop. We advise on technical direction, deliver architecture and design documents, and provide hands-on implementation support to get an initial prototype up and running.
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Quick Start Service

Quick Start
The Quick Start Service accelerates your initial project implementation and operation, speeding the return of your software investment.
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Performance Health Check Service

Performance Health Check
For established customers, the Performance Health Check Service analyzes and optimizes the performance of your existing infrastructure.
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Architecture Validation and Evaluation Service

Architecture Validation
The Architecture Validation and Evaluation (AVE) Service equips you to enable powerful MarkLogic features in your existing programs, solving the Big Data challenges you face with legacy technologies.
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Asset Management Starter Kit

Asset Management Starter
The Asset Management Starter Kit accelerates your asset management implementation and operation, speeding the return of your software investment.
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Technical Account Manager Service

Technical Account Manager
With the Technical Account Manager (TAM) Service, we provide you with TAMs to help drive customer success on MarkLogic-supported projects. They offer project risk mitigation, promoting best practices and methodology, accelerating implementations, educating the workforce on MarkLogic capabilities, and acting as a liaison and customer advocate to MarkLogic.
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Partner Project Success Service

Partner Project Success
The Partner Project Success Service consists of predefined services designed to augment your teams on the most challenging projects.
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Center of Excellence Service

Center of Excellence
Our Center of Excellence (COE) provides your organization the governance processes and technology expertise necessary to innovate using MarkLogic while leveraging best practices, shortening project implementation cycles, reducing cost, and mitigating risk.
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