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Deploy on Azure

– July 28, 2017

The MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform on Azure provides the flexibility to build a single, actionable 360-degree view of data in the cloud, whether fully on Azure or in a hybrid cloud environment.


Agile Mastering: A New Approach to MDM

, – July 28, 2017

Register today to learn more about how you can take steps to be more effective with MDM in your organization. Take the time to join us and evaluate how a simple shift to a new approach can help you improve MDM and show results sooner.


MarkLogic 9 Overview

, – July 17, 2017

Get an overview of the new features in MarkLogic 9, the most ambitious release yet.


Building Security Into MarkLogic

– July 10, 2017

Learn how MarkLogic’s engineering team applies best practices, tools, and techniques to build the most secure product possible.


GDPR for Transportation Industry

– June 30, 2017

Votre Guide GDPR pour les spécialistes du Transport


Overview of MarkLogic 9

– June 27, 2017

MarkLogic has focused on providing optimal data security from the start, and has granular, certified security that is required for mission-critical use cases.


MarkLogic Accelerates the Delivery of Real World Evidence

– June 26, 2017

Are you leveraging your real world data to its best advantage? Learn three key signs that your technology solution is slowing down your efforts to efficiently deliver real world evidence.


M&E Spring Journal: Tackling Data to Create Smart Production

– June 23, 2017

Pioneering companies are proving that production data can be used to reduce complexity on set and drive reporting.


Data, Insights & Digital Experience Webinar with Tahzoo

, – June 23, 2017

With our partner Tahzoo, watch this webinar to identify a practical approach to using data-driven insights to understand and engage your customer


Digital Transformation: What it Means to your Business & Future

, – June 22, 2017

There’s a lot of discussion around digital transformation, in particular the large scale impact it will have on the insurance industry. But what does this mean specifically to your role and organization? Join this highly discussed conversation to find out…