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Develop a Data Strategy to Ease The Transition to Paying for Value in Healthcare

– October 31, 2016

The healthcare industry reached a key milestone in its push to tie payment to quality of care when
the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the final rule implementing the
Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). Organizations must now rethink the ways they manage and use data as they seek more efficient ways to deliver, pay for, and measure the quality of care they deliver.


GovLoop Industry Spotlight: Using Data Analytics to Impact the Mission vs. Observe the Mission

– October 17, 2016

You need a 360 degree view of data, but getting it is near impossible. Data is spread across disconnected silos and data integration lags the speed of operations. It’s time to rethink what’s expected of a database.


Financial Services: Your Data Deserves Better

– October 14, 2016

Data is the currency that keeps your business running. It’s the output of transactions, documents and customer information. It’s the input for insights, products and customer loyalty. Learn how to unlock your data today!


GCN Industry Spotlight: Fast, Secure, and Ready for Government Clouds – It’s Time to Consider Enterprise NoSQL

– October 11, 2016

More than ever, now is the right time to consider NoSQL. Government agencies must manage, analyze, and share more disparate data sets quickly and securely. At the same time, NoSQL databases are easier to use and more feature-rich than ever before.


The Challenge of Integrating Healthcare Data Silos

– October 7, 2016

Payers and providers struggle to integrate data across the enterprise, resulting in added expense and failed projects. MarkLogic offers a new approach to solving core data integration challenges.


Certified Security

– September 30, 2016

MarkLogic has focused on having enterprise-grade security from the start, and has fine-grained, certified security that is required to manage data and provide a shield against today’s cyber threats.


“Ask Anything” Universal Index

– September 29, 2016

MarkLogic uses an “Ask Anything” Universal Index that indexes data immediately when it is loaded, and you can immediately begin asking questions of your data.


An Introduction to NoSQL Technologies

, – September 26, 2016

Join Jim Driscoll as he talks all things NoSQL – get a better understanding of how NoSQL fits into the database universe and what kinds of problems it uniquely solves.


Hadoop Integration

– September 24, 2016

MarkLogic is the best database for Hadoop because it can seamlessly run alongside the Hadoop ecosystem, acting as the database to power real-time, transactional applications.


Flexible Data Model

– September 23, 2016

MarkLogic provides native storage for JSON, XML, RDF, geospatial, and large binaries (e.g., PDFs, images, videos). With this approach, it is easy to get all of your data in, and easy to make changes later on.