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Data Analytics Can Improve DoD Decision Support

– January 12, 2017

There was a time when decisions made by leaders in government and defense organizations were more straightforward than they are today.


Operational Data Hub for Film and Television Production

– January 12, 2017

Learn how MarkLogic helps content creators, producers, and media organizations get a competitive edge and deliver better products to their users and viewers.


Data Deserves To Be Accessible. And Secured.

– January 12, 2017

All too often, what started out as secure data in a centralized system of record becomes insecure data in an un-managed, un-governed data silo. Learn the three signs of vulnerable data, and how MarkLogic can help.


Media & Publishing: Your Data Deserves Better

– January 6, 2017

Data is the heart of your business. It’s the output of experts and artists. It’s the input for monetizing your content and reaching new customers. Turn your data into your greatest asset!


Overcoming Enterprise Data Management Challenges with an Operational Data Hub

, – December 23, 2016

This presentation shows how – and why – the typical enterprise data strategy is not only eating up significant time and money, but is insufficient to handle new challenges of big data volume, variety and velocity. And, it introduces a new architecture pattern – the Operational Data Hub – that can not only reduce costs and time to value, but also helps to bridge the gap between analysis and operations by taking a real-time, data-centric approach to enterprise architecture.


Next-Gen Data Platform Powering Healthcare Modernization and Innovation

– December 23, 2016

The MarkLogic* database platform running on Intel® Xeon® processors creates a flexible, modern platform for healthcare enterprise innovation


A New Way of Thinking About MDM

, – December 15, 2016

Struggling to deliver results with your Master Data Management (MDM) project? You’re not alone. Learn how a new, more focused and iterative approach can save you time and money – and provide real business value to your organization.


Part Two: MiFID II: Navigating Data Challenges

, – December 15, 2016

MiFID II is creating data management headaches for enterprise architects, and risk and compliance professionals alike. Take a deep dive into the key data challenges and learn how to solve them in time for the 2018 deadline.


What Is a Multi-model Database: Two Paths to Engineering

, – December 7, 2016

Damon Feldman looks at two paths of multi-model database engineering: a single platform that allows many models on one core, versus complex integrations where many systems are pre-packaged. Which is better for you?


Your Data Deserves to Run Anywhere

– December 5, 2016

On prem, virtualized or in the cloud. Your business should dictate where your data lives — not be limited by your database. Learn how MarkLogic can enable your cloud success.