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DBTA: Unleashing the Power of Hadoop for Big Data Analytics

August 6, 2013

This is the Summer 2013 publication of Database Trends and Applications’ Thought Leadership Series.

Hadoop is marching steadily into the enterprise, but key challenges remain, from manual coding demands to a lack of real-time capabilities and the time it takes to bring a Hadoop project into production. Integrating Hadoop with MarkLogic provides a single platform that allows you to mix and match both realtime and analytics workloads, without having to duplicate data or create a oneoff infrastructure. If you are currently implementing, or plan to implement Big Data solutions, use MarkLogic as the foundation of your stack to get the best of batch processing and real-time interactivity. Read MarkLogic®: The Best Database for Apache Hadoop* to discover why MarkLogic is the best and only choice for an enterprise-class database that integrates with Hadoop at both the storage and compute layers.