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How to Meet the Needs of Mobile Patients through Interoperability

April 23, 2015

Learn how to integrate disparate data sources which will lead you to better outcomes for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.


EPAM + MarkLogic

April 23, 2015

See how EPAM and MarkLogic unify disparate data and enable access to the knowledge for business or technology users.


Klopotek and MarkLogic: The Unpredictable Future of Rights and Royalties

April 21, 2015

Read about how Klopotek AG is developing next generation management systems using MarkLogic’s NoSQL technology to help content companies answer questions no one has even yet thought of.


Real-Time Big Data Applications for Hadoop – MarkLogic and Hortonworks

April 21, 2015

See how combining MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL with the Hortonworks Data Platform allows enterprises to augment Hadoop’s low-cost storage and batch analytics with real-time capabilities to create opportunities for new, immediate business insights.


MarkLogic im Überblick (MarkLogic Overview)

– March 20, 2015

Durch Marklogic gewinnen Sie mehr Erkentnisse über Ihre Daten und können die Entwicklung geschäftskritischer Anwendungen beschleunigen.



– February 23, 2015

The MarkLogic bitemporal feature makes it possible for you to track information “as it actually was” in combination with “as it was recorded” at some point-in-time.


MarkLogic on AWS

– February 20, 2015

MarkLogic runs easily on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-use cloud computing platform.


MarkLogic 8 Overview

– February 20, 2015

One platform for all of your data, whether it’s documents, relationships, or metadata—that is what MarkLogic 8 is designed for.


Webinar: Rethinking the Trade Lifecycle Part 4

– January 22, 2015

Learn about Fluid Contracts and how they enable Metrics Driven Business Relationships. How do you achieve a “single version of the truth” for proactive analysis? How are Customer Insight and Suspicious Activity Monitoring linked?


Webinar: Top 5 Publishing Problems Solved — in 5 Min!

– January 20, 2015

As publishers shift from traditional “form-based publishing” to information-delivery platforms, they face new challenges to meet the disruptive, unpredictable changes in the industry.