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ISR Information Sharing

– August 24, 2015

MarkLogic helps Defense, Intelligence, and Public Safety organizations modernize how they share, exploit, and disseminate operational and analytical data.


Webinar: Get Smart About Semantics

– August 20, 2015

Semantics focuses on relationships and context. Semantic data can be linked together to form a graph of hundreds of billions of facts and relationships.


MarkLogic ACID Transactions

– August 19, 2015

Don’t settle for a BASE-ic database. ACID transactions have been a standard in the relational database world for years, ensuring that organizations can trust their database to not lose data.


Webinar: The Semantics Revolution

– August 19, 2015

With assets buried away in silos throughout organizations, metadata catalogs have been the solution to help find these digital treasures. But these offline catalogues just tell you where to go to look for the asset and required a (literal) scooter or jaunt to get the assets themselves. Semantics changes all that.


Webinar: How Investment Banks Can Overcome the Compliance Hurdles and Make Data Pay

– August 17, 2015

Investment banks are drowning in data and regulators are demanding change. Banks must improve the governance, consistency and quality of their data through new management, aggregation and reporting processes.


Webinar: A Peek Inside MarkLogic Semantics

– August 13, 2015

This webinar will provide a more technical introduction to semantic technology, taking you further into the world of triples and SPARQL. If you’re a developer or DBA who wants to get smart about semantics, this is the webinar for you!


From Data Challenge to Data Opportunity

– August 13, 2015

Presenter(s): Thomas Tong, CTO, Energy – MarkLogic


Semantics in the Real World

– August 13, 2015

Presenter(s): Anne Lapkin, SVP Strategy and Marketing – SmartLogic Harry Bakken, Principal Consultant – Avalon Consulting, LLC Hear from Avalon Consulting, LLC and Smartlogic about how to create a better content hub for today’s data, relying on MarkLogic as the engine to manage change and power innovation.


Get Better Business Insights with MarkLogic & Tableau

– August 5, 2015

Combining Tableau* and MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL gives you real-time business analytics on all your data, structured and unstructured, in one easy-to-use platform.