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Defining Enterprise NoSQL

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic is a trusted, hardened database platform that runs in the heart of top investment banks, global media companies, and government agencies.


MarkLogic Overview

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database—providing a powerful, agile, trusted platform for all of your data.


MarkLogic Flexible Replication

– September 24, 2014

Flexible replication gives you the ability to leverage the full benefits of a distributed database platform, distributing your data where you need it around the world while maintaining all of the enterprise features of MarkLogic.


MarkLogic Semantics

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic includes a native triple store and is the only database that can natively store and query documents, data, and triples—allowing you to combine queries that may include triples, geospatial data, range values, and free-text.


MarkLogic Built-in Search

– September 24, 2014

The ability to access the right information quickly and easily is fundamental any organization’s efficiency. A good search application ensures that users find the information they are looking for the first time, regardless of the format or location.


MarkLogic High Availability and Disaster Recovery

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic has enterprise-class high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) so that you can have confidence that your data is always available and scheduled downtime is minimized, reducing risk and avoiding interruptions.


MarkLogic Geospatial Search

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic can filter and layer geospatial data and content such as text, imagery, and video so that you can more easily focus your search, analyze information, get better insights, and make faster decisions.


MarkLogic and Hadoop

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic is the best database for Hadoop because it can seamlessly run alongside the Hadoop ecosystem, acting as the database to power real-time, transactional applications.


MarkLogic Language Support

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic has basic language support for over 200 languages that enables basic full-text search and includes tokenization using whitespace-delimiters and punctuation.


リレーショナルを超えて: エンタープライズ NoSQL の新しいデータ アプローチ (Beyond Relational)

– September 8, 2014

現在、データベーステクノロジーではパラダイムシフトが起こっており、組織は最も重要な資産である「データ」の活用法を考え直しているところです。MarkLogic はこのパラダイムシフトの最前線に立ち、真の企業向け(「エンタープライズ」)NoSQL データベースを提供しています。