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Accelerate Healthcare Client Onboarding

– August 1, 2016

Client onboarding has traditionally been a largely manual, time- and resource-intensive process, resulting in significant delays in time to go-live estimates and wasted resources on an error-prone process. MarkLogic offers an alternative that streamlines onboarding processes and moves at the speed of healthcare organizations’ accelerating businesses.


The Secret to Your Success? Get to Know Your Customer.

, – July 27, 2016

Data is a critical asset for today’s Media organizations. From integrating data across the supply chain, to streamlining editorial and content creation processes, to creating great experiences — the right data strategy can mean the difference between staying ahead or falling off the radar.


Plan for Success With High-Stakes Data Projects

– July 26, 2016

Your high-stakes data projects don’t have to end – as analysts predict – in failure. Learn how to leverage all of your data to reach your objectives with less time and expense than you might imagine. The key is to start with the end in mind …


Cyber Situational Awareness Solution

– July 26, 2016

Integrate cyber data silos and have transactional support between various data sources and feeds to deliver an integrated view of your data.


Hannover Re: Improving Business Insights and Customer Service With MarkLogic

– July 26, 2016

This session gives a deep insight into the challenges in the international insurance marketplace, Hannover Re’s differentiating approach, and the dynamics of an agile development project.


Customer Panel with L’Argus de la Presse and LexisNexis: New Tools for Information Providers

– July 26, 2016

Join us for a lively discussion with some of MarkLogic’s innovative customers that are changing how they deliver information to their customers.


Mitchell 1® Drives Revenue and Accelerates Market Share with the MarkLogic® Database

– July 22, 2016

Company Surpasses Competition by Helping Customers Fix Cars Faster


Hannover Re Improves Business Insights and Customer Service by using the MarkLogic® Database

– July 22, 2016

New Unique Service Provides a 360-degree View of Data to Analyze Risks and Make Better Decisions


OECD Loses Its RDBMS to Win With Faster Feature Development

– July 22, 2016

MarkLogic’s Innovative Information Delivery Hub Helps the OECD Reach New Audiences


Enterprise Data Strategy in the Healthcare Landscape

– July 12, 2016

The healthcare landscape is changing. Heightened competition and risk in this evolving environment demands an enterprise data strategy that accelerates business objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.