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Your Workforce & Organization Missons… Aligned

– November 29, 2016

Over the next few months, presidential appointees will file in and agencies will adjust internally to ensure organizational structure continues to align with mission.


MiFID II : Gouvernance et donnée

, – November 22, 2016

MiFID II, norme européenne applicable en janvier 2018, apporte des changements fondamentaux sur la transparence des marchés financiers et défense des investisseurs. Ce webinar vise à apprehender le sujet de la gouvernance à suivre (producteur/distributeur) et gestion des données pour répondre au mieux aux nouvelles exigences, notamment au travers du cas concret ABN Amro, utilisateur de MarkLogic en réponse à MiFID II.


DoD, IC and NGOs Can Now Maintain Connections—Even Lost Ones

– November 21, 2016

To say the internet has changed the information-gathering landscape would be a gross understatement. Thanks to networks of connected applications, intelligence officers can send and receive crucial field information to and from their respective headquarters.


EU General Data Protection Regulation: The Path to Compliance

– November 21, 2016

What is EU GDPR and how you can expedite compliance?


Using Big Data to Run Your Pharma Business

– November 17, 2016

How are the top pharma companies using MarkLogic to successfully run their business? Watch Solutions Architect, Imran Chaudhri’s presentation from the 2016 Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit.


FS Tech Interview: Conquer Your Data Regulation Aggravation

– November 15, 2016

Learn why the changing regulatory landscape requires financial services organizations to take a new approach to demonstrating compliance.


MiFID II: Compliance Readiness Checklist

– November 9, 2016

Is your organization on track to comply when MiFID II regulations take effect in January 2018? Assess your readiness.


Smartlogic & MarkLogic: Driving Benefit Search in Healthcare

– November 9, 2016

The synergistic relationship between MarkLogic and Smartlogic creates a platform for leveraging key sources of healthcare data to enhance the member experience.


ALM Creates 360° Customer View to Meet Revenue Goals

– November 4, 2016

ALM Leverages the MarkLogic Database to Meet Revenue Goals by Creating a 360 Customer View that Allows ALM to Deliver Tailored Content to Customers and Advertisers.


Develop a Data Strategy to Ease The Transition to Paying for Value in Healthcare

– October 31, 2016

The healthcare industry reached a key milestone in its push to tie payment to quality of care when
the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the final rule implementing the
Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). Organizations must now rethink the ways they manage and use data as they seek more efficient ways to deliver, pay for, and measure the quality of care they deliver.