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MarkLogicとTableauでビジネスインサイトを高める (Get Better Business Insights with MarkLogic & Tableau)

– October 6, 2015



Educating Data: Using Data Science to Improve Learning, Motivation & Persistence

– September 18, 2015

While big data has already made significant advances in business and government, data analytics is also beginning to transform education. This O’Reilly report explores how the use of analytics has already helped several educational programs, such as personalized learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs), for students of all ages.


Lagardère Active Launches Online Applications in Just Weeks

– September 15, 2015

French Media Company Builds Data Aggregator with MarkLogic


GameChanger: NoSQL Expands the Art of the Possible with Agency Data

– September 15, 2015

Agencies are facing the fact that in many cases, traditional approaches to managing both structured and unstructured data just aren’t measuring up.


Beyond Relational

– August 31, 2015

Organizations face a growing inability to handle the massive volumes of disparate, varied, and changing data with the relational databases that have been relied on for the past three decades. For this reason, leading organizations are going beyond relational to embrace NoSQL databases.


Insider Threat Solution

– August 31, 2015

Malicious actions, or human errors within an organization can happen within any given industry. Agility is needed to respond to suspicious behavior across all their systems.


ISR Information Sharing

– August 24, 2015

MarkLogic helps Defense, Intelligence, and Public Safety organizations modernize how they share, exploit, and disseminate operational and analytical data.


Webinar: Get Smart About Semantics

– August 20, 2015

Semantics focuses on relationships and context. Semantic data can be linked together to form a graph of hundreds of billions of facts and relationships.


MarkLogic ACID Transactions

– August 19, 2015

Don’t settle for a BASE-ic database. ACID transactions have been a standard in the relational database world for years, ensuring that organizations can trust their database to not lose data.


Webinar: The Semantics Revolution

– August 19, 2015

With assets buried away in silos throughout organizations, metadata catalogs have been the solution to help find these digital treasures. But these offline catalogues just tell you where to go to look for the asset and required a (literal) scooter or jaunt to get the assets themselves. Semantics changes all that.