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Better With Bitemporal

– July 1, 2015

In our age of billion-dollar regulatory fines and time-consuming, costly litigation, a database must hold up as the main system of record. Unfortunately, traditional databases do not keep a complete history of the past. Only with a bitemporal database can you truly maintain a complete and accurate picture of the past, understanding exactly “what you […]


Consumer 360

– June 15, 2015

Achieve a single, consistent – and persistent – relationship with a customer who engages with you across multiple channels.


The Why, The How, and the Value of Enterprise NoSQL

– June 4, 2015

Moderator: Diane Burley, Chief Content Strategist, MarkLogic Presenter(s): Beverly Jamison, Senior Director of IT Architecture, American Psychological Association Igor Bord, Technical Solution Architect, AETNA Ted Blizzard, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, New England Journal of Medicine Sanjukta Awasthi, Technical Solution Architect for Informatics, Cognizant Hear from your peers and data innovators at New England […]


A Modern Approach to Data Modeling with MarkLogic

– June 4, 2015

Today’s data is more than just relational. Increasingly, developers are asked to integrate dimensional, columnar, document, graph, relational, and even binary data. MarkLogic is the only enterprise database that supports all of these. How you model your data in MarkLogic is critical to just about every aspect of your application: performance, loading strategies, security, application […]


Webinar: Tales from the Front Lines of the Semantic Metadata Revolution

– May 28, 2015

There is a big change happening right now in how we think about managing metadata and the impact it can have on your business – including how it can power a top app on iTunes!


Mark Unak – Codifyd

– May 21, 2015

Mark Unak, Codifyd, at MarkLogic World 2015 with Jeff Kelly and Jeff Frick


Gary Bloom – MarkLogic

– May 21, 2015

Gary Bloom, MarkLogic, at MarkLogic World 2015 with John Furrier and Jeff Kelly


Jeremy Bentley – Smartlogic

– May 21, 2015

Jeremy Bentley, Smartlogic, at MarkLogic World 2015 with John Furrier and Jeff Kelly


Dave Cassel – MarkLogic

– May 21, 2015

Dave Casssel, Developer Community Manager of MarkLogic, at MarkLogic World 2015 with Jeff Frick and Jeff Kelly


Beverly Jamison – APA

– May 21, 2015

Beverly Jamison, APA, at MarkLogic World 2015 with Jeff Kelly and Jeff Frick