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Operational Data Hub: Turning Technical Debt Into a Technical Asset

– June 8, 2017

Are you creating business value, or business risk? Learn 3 key signs of technical debt, and how an Operational Data Hub delivers better data integration results.


Building on Multi-Model Databases

– June 6, 2017

IT strains to heave together data from multiple data stores to present a 360 view. Find out how multi-model databases help you integrate data from across your organization — in a seamless and elegant way.


GRC and Business Transformation: The Keys to Reinvention

, – June 2, 2017

Start Your Innovation Engine with Enterprise NoSQL.


Customer 360

– May 22, 2017

Make sure you are addressing the biggest pain points related to restricted customer data today so that you can delight your customers tomorrow.


What’s New In MarkLogic 9

– May 3, 2017

MarkLogic 9 makes it easier to manage continuously changing data from across enterprise, includes capabilities to make security stronger, and provides a more unified platform for managing MarkLogic database clusters. Learn more about these and many other additional features and enhancements.


Gaining Transparency with Changing Regulations

– May 1, 2017

As the regulatory landscape expands and contracts for financial institutions, the need for a 360-degree view of data with increased transparency, agility and speed is mission critical. Download this white paper to learn how to adapt to regulatory complexity and change from reactive to proactive compliance.


Insurance 360

– April 10, 2017

In this white paper, you will learn how technology can enable a holistic view of your customers and risk practices, as well as business benefits of leveraging a reusable technology across multiple departments.


Part Three: MiFID II: Know Your Trade

, – April 6, 2017

Simultaneously satisfy regulators AND your business heads? It’s possible with Enterprise NoSQL. Join the third on demand webinar in our MiFID II series, as we take a deep dive into the epicentre of this regulation: collection, reporting and retention requirements for trades.


Modernizing Your Governance, Risk and Compliance Strategy

– March 30, 2017

Learn how financial services firms like yours can increase transparency, improve agility and respond quicker to market and regulatory uncertainty by integrating data better, faster and cheaper.


Agile Enterprise Metadata Management

– March 30, 2017

Learn how MarkLogic helps healthcare and life sciences organizations put valuable metadata into action to improve search and discovery, simplify regulatory compliance, deliver more accurate and reliable quality reports, and provide better customer service.