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Object-based Intelligence for Multi-INT Data

– January 8, 2015

The MarkLogic Object-based Intelligence (OBI) solution helps surface actionable intelligence from an ocean of noise, by providing tradecraft tools and a data model to store, enhance, disseminate, and analyze dynamic intelligence products.


Object-based Intelligence

– January 8, 2015

The MarkLogic Object-based Intelligence (OBI) solution combines an enterprise-grade NoSQL database platform with an analytical framework that helps make sense out of heterogeneous data.


Global Defense & Security

– January 8, 2015

The MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL database platform helps Warfighters, national security, border control, and law enforcement organizations harness big data, enabling superior information fusion, search and alerting, and intelligence production and dissemination.


Digital Media Supply Chain

– December 29, 2014

Companies must be able to aggregate all asset information into one unified repository that allows producers and marketers to quickly deliver media assets. By powering digital media supply chains, MarkLogic helps companies confidently create revenue-generating opportunities, knowing that any asset request can be quickly packaged and delivered.


MarkLogic Information Delivery Platform

– December 29, 2014

MarkLogic’s Information Delivery Platform solutions allow information providers to aggregate information from multiple sources and across the organization to precisely deliver that information in the context of their users.


DBTA Best Practices Report: Moving to a Modern Data Architecture

– December 23, 2014

Read how the MarkLogic is making the impossible possible for the next generation of data by powering the data-centered data center. Download your personal copy of the report today.


Government-Grade Security

– December 19, 2014

MarkLogic has focused on having government-grade security from the start, and has fine-grained, certified security that is required to manage data and provide a shield against today’s cyber threats.


Webinar: Rethinking the Trade Lifecycle Part 3

– December 16, 2014

Avoid the perils of creating opaque “landfill” archives that then continue to attract regulatory scrutiny and fines when they cannot deliver the insight expected of them.


Webinar: Creating a Springboard to Innovation

– December 8, 2014

Learn how Springer made the decision to run its core subscription website service on MarkLogic, and how that new platform has been a springboard to reimagine its business.


Webinar: When Relational Databases Aren’t Enough

– November 11, 2014

Learn how NoSQL solves problems that Oracle cannot, the difference between types of NoSQL data stores, and what to look for in evaluating NoSQL databases. See examples of how to use NoSQL alongside your Oracle database.