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Enterprise Data Strategy in the Healthcare Landscape

– July 12, 2016

The healthcare landscape is changing. Heightened competition and risk in this evolving environment demands an enterprise data strategy that accelerates business objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.


The World’s Best Database for Integrating Data From Silos

– June 30, 2016

Businesses are relying on MarkLogic to integrate data better, faster, with less cost, enabled by the advanced capabilities that make MarkLogic the database of the choice for the future. Checkout the opening keynote from MarkLogic World San Francisco to hear more.


Deep Dive: Take a Tour With Geospatial (London)

– June 30, 2016

This session covers MarkLogic use cases for geospatial and how organisations integrate geospatial data into their application ecosystems.


Lightning Talk: Time Travel Within Databases

– June 29, 2016

Learn how MarkLogic bitemporal capabilities let you skip the pain of complex infrastructure solutions and massive report dumps to identify what you really knew at a given point in time.


Smartlogic: The Information Management Platform of the Future (San Francisco)

– June 29, 2016

In this presentation, we discuss how this is done by leveraging MarkLogic’s NoSQL database platform and Smartlogic’s semantic platform.


Semantics Deep Dive: Data Integration Made Easy

– June 29, 2016

In this session, MarkLogic Lead Engineer, Charles Greer, walks through a series of steps to integrate data from silos and create a unified 360 view of everything.


Search? Yes, It Can Do That!

– June 29, 2016

In this technical session, MarkLogic Principal Engineer, Mary Holstege, guides you through the world of MarkLogic search.


Regulatory Compliance Today, the Stuff We Can All Learn

– June 29, 2016

In this session, we will show you how to integrate multiple data silos across your organisation, AND achieve key data requirements.


Partnering With MarkLogic

– June 29, 2016

Hear from MarkLogic executives about how we have had success going to market together and delivering unique solutions to customers.