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MarkLogic Semantics

– October 16, 2014

What is semantics and why should you be using it? This white paper provides an overview of this new technology and discusses key ways organizations are using MarkLogic Semantics today.


Wiley in the Digital World: Achieving Mission Impossible

– October 8, 2014

Publisher Wiley relies on MarkLogic to upload 160,000 articles and enable 60+ enhancements to drive business in 4 months.


MarkLogic Provides Access to Healthcare Insurance for Millions of Americans

– October 8, 2014

Learn about MarkLogic’s role in processing more than eight million insurance applications on


Webinar: Tying Everything Together with Triples

– October 8, 2014

You can see why it is so hard to “see across silos” by the fact that we don’t necessarily have a uniform way of identifying people, places, products, etc. What if you could normalize language, normalize schemas and easily query both structured and unstructured? Now you can: with Triples.


The Right Database for the Right Data

– October 5, 2014

Find out the role of NoSQL in Hybrid Data Environments (HDE).


Providing Scalability and Speed for a National Treasure

– October 2, 2014

The U.S National Archives’ Founders Online Project Increases Concurrent User Capacity by 50x.


Webinar: Driving Change in the Public Sector

– October 2, 2014

Learn from a panel of experts how MarkLogic has been deployed in organisations including the BBC’s popular on-demand iPlayer, the U.S. Government, and a recently commissioned project within Central Government


Webinar: Rethinking the Trade Lifecycle Part 1

– September 30, 2014

Learn why you don’t need to waste time creating a single perfect canonical data model to represent all data sources and asset classes. Find out how MarkLogic automatically transforms data streams into the right format for the right channel.


Defining Enterprise NoSQL

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic is a trusted, hardened database platform that runs in the heart of top investment banks, global media companies, and government agencies.


MarkLogic Overview

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database—providing a powerful, agile, trusted platform for all of your data.