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Reimagine: Data, Applications and MarkLogic

– April 14, 2014

Presenter: Gary Bloom, Chief Executive Officer and President, MarkLogic

Isn’t it time that we all start rethinking how we manage all of the data within our enterprise, and reimagine how that will influence the future of application development and your business or organization?


Building on the Foundation of the New Generation

– April 14, 2014

Presenter: Joe Pasqua, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, MarkLogic

With data at the core of everything we imagine, we embrace a new data strategy that will empower our organizations and people to achieve new heights.


MarkLogic | Back to the Future

– April 14, 2014

Presenter: David Gorbet, Vice President, Engineering, MarkLogic

Find out about the new features planned for MarkLogic 8 from MarkLogic’s David Gorbet. This keynote presentation includes a demonstration of some of the upcoming features.


MarkLogic Reimagined

– April 14, 2014

Presenters: Christopher Lindblad, Founder, MarkLogic
Jason Hunter, Chief Architect, MarkLogic

Find out what Christopher thinks will be the best bets for tomorrow, and what your best bets are for today. Still leading the charge for production direction and development, Christopher addresses the audience’s questions and talks about the new capabilities he’s working on for MarkLogic 8.


RAPTR (RAPid Template Rendering) for better Application Development

– April 14, 2014

Presenter: Tyler Dalton, Lead Engineer, LDS

Greatly reduce the amount of back-end effort required to rapidly build web sites that are fully managed, immediately translatable (CMS integration) and ready to scale.


Ready to Wear: Reference Topologies and Sizing for MarkLogic, a New Approach

– April 14, 2014

Presenter: Erin Miller, Lead Performance Engineer, MarkLogic

In this session, Erin demystifies how to size MarkLogic deployments and review brand-new reference configurations.


RESTful API Design for MarkLogic Developers

– April 14, 2014

Presenters: Colleen Whitney, Principal Development Manager, MarkLogic
Norman Walsh, Lead Engineer, MarkLogic

Building great interfaces as a foundation for developers is fundamentally a design task, made easier by having the right building blocks at your disposal. Learn how to design, implement and test developer-friendly APIs on MarkLogic.


Unleashing Unstructured Data: Making Use of Your Unstructured Data with Tableau & Marklogic

– April 14, 2014

Presenter: Paul Lilford, Global Director, Technology Partners, Tableau Software

Marklogic and Tableau long offered unparalleled synergies rapidly analyzing schema-less transactions in the enterprise. With version 8.2, Tableau is delighted to introduce a 100% native, optimized, and supported Marklogic datasource connector.


Schema on Read in Financial Services

– April 14, 2014

Presenters: Amir Halfon, Chief Technologist, MarkLogic
Lee Pollington, Solutions Director, MarkLogic

MarkLogic excels in the role of trade and reference data hub, absorbing 10s of source data formats “as is” and dynamically transforms to the interface expectations of multiple client applications.


Search, Relevance, and Context: Getting the Most out of MarkLogic Search

– April 14, 2014

Presenter: Mary Holstege, Principal Engineer, MarkLogic

Learn how to improve precision and recall in your search app, and how to build a search app that gives you insight across all your information quickly and accurately. See the newest search features in MarkLogic and understand how to make best use of them.