Datenintegration: eine 360 Grad Sicht auf den Kunden – so einfach geht es!

, – November 30, 2017

In 9 Minuten erhalten Sie eine 360° Sicht auf Ihren Kunden. Das Video zeigt wie Sie Daten aus verschiedenen Systemen (Datensilos) ohne Aufwand mit der MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Datenbank integrieren


Cleaning Up Your Enterprise Data Architecture

, – November 27, 2017

In this on-demand webinar, discover how to make your data lake more effective with an operational data hub.


Cloud Neutral: How MarkLogic Runs on AWS and Azure

, – October 11, 2017

In this session, we will take you through a checklist that will prepare you, including both business and technical considerations for running MarkLogic in the cloud on both AWS and Azure.


Introducing Ops Director in MarkLogic 9

, – August 16, 2017

Register for the final session in our 5-part What’s New in MarkLogic 9 series: Introducing Ops Director in MarkLogic 9


MarkLogic 9 Security Features

, – August 11, 2017

Take a close look at the new security features in MarkLogic, providing Advanced Encryption, Element Level Security, and Redaction.


MarkLogic 9 Manageability Features

, – August 2, 2017

Watch the third in our 5-part What’s New in MarkLogic 9 series: MarkLogic 9 Manageability Features.


MarkLogic 9 Data Integration Features

, – July 30, 2017

Register for the second in our 5-part What’s New in MarkLogic 9 series: MarkLogic 9 Data Integration Features.


Agile Mastering: A New Approach to MDM

, – July 28, 2017

Register today to learn more about how you can take steps to be more effective with MDM in your organization. Take the time to join us and evaluate how a simple shift to a new approach can help you improve MDM and show results sooner.


MarkLogic 9 Overview

, – July 17, 2017

Get an overview of the new features in MarkLogic 9, the most ambitious release yet.


Data, Insights & Digital Experience Webinar with Tahzoo

, – June 23, 2017

With our partner Tahzoo, watch this webinar to identify a practical approach to using data-driven insights to understand and engage your customer


Digital Transformation: What it Means to your Business & Future

, – June 22, 2017

There’s a lot of discussion around digital transformation, in particular the large scale impact it will have on the insurance industry. But what does this mean specifically to your role and organization? Join this highly discussed conversation to find out…


GRC and Business Transformation: The Keys to Reinvention

, – June 2, 2017

Start Your Innovation Engine with Enterprise NoSQL.


Part Three: MiFID II: Know Your Trade

, – April 6, 2017

Simultaneously satisfy regulators AND your business heads? It’s possible with Enterprise NoSQL. Join the third on demand webinar in our MiFID II series, as we take a deep dive into the epicentre of this regulation: collection, reporting and retention requirements for trades.


Risk and Operations in Insurance: A Technology POV

, – February 15, 2017

Risk, client retention and business acceleration through operational efficiency are the three most pressing issues facing the insurance sector – and are actually stymied by the same challenge: No 360 view of the truth.


Lights, Camera, ACTIONABLE

, – February 13, 2017

Learn how to make DATA your action(able) superstar.


Your GRC Strategy: When Is Enough Tooling Enough?

, – February 7, 2017

Explore the implications of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) imperatives with our financial services technology experts and learn why data is at the heart of an effective and dynamic GRC strategy in this on-demand webinar.


EU GDPR: The Path to Compliance

, – February 7, 2017

With 4% of global revenue fines as penalties, coupled by brand and reputational risks and potential customer loss, this new mandate represents a huge personal data challenge. Join us for a live discussion on EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Overcoming Enterprise Data Management Challenges with an Operational Data Hub

, – December 23, 2016

This presentation shows how – and why – the typical enterprise data strategy is not only eating up significant time and money, but is insufficient to handle new challenges of big data volume, variety and velocity. And, it introduces a new architecture pattern – the Operational Data Hub – that can not only reduce costs and time to value, but also helps to bridge the gap between analysis and operations by taking a real-time, data-centric approach to enterprise architecture.


A New Way of Thinking About MDM

, – December 15, 2016

Struggling to deliver results with your Master Data Management (MDM) project? You’re not alone. Learn how a new, more focused and iterative approach can save you time and money – and provide real business value to your organization.


Part Two: MiFID II: Navigating Data Challenges

, – December 15, 2016

MiFID II is creating data management headaches for enterprise architects, and risk and compliance professionals alike. Take a deep dive into the key data challenges and learn how to solve them in time for the 2018 deadline.


What Is a Multi-model Database: Two Paths to Engineering

, – December 7, 2016

Damon Feldman looks at two paths of multi-model database engineering: a single platform that allows many models on one core, versus complex integrations where many systems are pre-packaged. Which is better for you?


An Introduction to NoSQL Technologies

, – September 26, 2016

Join Jim Driscoll as he talks all things NoSQL – get a better understanding of how NoSQL fits into the database universe and what kinds of problems it uniquely solves.


Part One: MiFID II: It’s About the Data, Not the Reporting

, – September 7, 2016

MiFID II regulations are requiring more sources of data than ever before to prove compliance and accurate reporting of trading activities. How can organizations ensure they’re ready by January 2018?


The Secret to Your Success? Get to Know Your Customer

, – July 27, 2016

Data is a critical asset for today’s Media organizations. From integrating data across the supply chain, to streamlining editorial and content creation processes, to creating great experiences — the right data strategy can mean the difference between staying ahead or falling off the radar.


Mortgage Metadata Repository

, – June 29, 2016

Firms in the mortgage processing and securitization industries face challenges undreamed of in the past. Regulatory requirements have skyrocketed and firms have been punished for not meeting them.


Webinar: Disruption in Media and Entertainment

, – April 27, 2016

Matt and senior executives from Channel 4, UKTV and Turner Broadcasting System share their insights on how OTT and streaming OTT content and streaming services will shape the industry landscape. Hear recommendations on how your organization must respond to stay in-step with audience demands and revenue opportunity.


Webinar: But How Do I Find Data in NoSQL

, – April 19, 2016

If you need to manage complex data or integrate heterogenous data you can do so quickly with NoSQL because you do not need to transform your data into a single schema. But can you still enforce a schema?


Webinar: Mainframe to NoSQL with MarkLogic and Intel

, – March 23, 2016

Discover how moving from a mainframe hierarchical data model to a MarkLogic document data model can bring more value.


Webinar: Two Cornerstones of Semantics – MarkLogic & PoolParty

, – February 29, 2016

If you missed the webinar, please watch the recording to see how MarkLogic and PoolParty integrate together to solve today’s data challenges.


Webinar: Omnichannel Blues? Say G’Bye to Data Silos

, – February 24, 2016

To make omnichannel truly work, you must be able to link consumer data with product and supply data in real-time to enable operational transactions. Learn how Enterprise NoSQL can help remove roadblocks on your omnichannel journey, so you can kick that ETL to the curb.


Webinar: Semantics in the Public Sector

, – November 6, 2015

Learn how government organizations can aggregate data and develop richer analytics and smarter queries by using the power of MarkLogic Semantics.


Webinar: A Peek Inside MarkLogic Semantics

, – October 27, 2015

This webinar will provide a more technical introduction to semantic technology, taking you further into the world of triples and SPARQL. If you’re a developer or DBA who wants to get smart about semantics, this is the webinar for you!


Drive E-Commerce Revenue by Reinventing the Retail Experience

, – October 19, 2015

E-commerce is Retail’s fastest growing segment, yet 66% don’t complete their purchase when adding items to their cart. Customers aren’t finding what they need, and your data might be the culprit. With relational databases dramatically limiting the number of attributes a retailer can use to classify products, to on average only 48 attributes, what do you do when this season’s ‘Electric Crimson’ really means ‘Red’? Break out of your relational box.


Webinar: Get Smart About Semantics in Insurance

, – October 15, 2015

Watch this webinar to learn how semantics helps insurance companies by making it possible to aggregate disparate data and uncover hidden relationships in order to detect and react to fraudulent behavior.


Webinar: Get Smart about Semantics in Healthcare

, – October 14, 2015

Healthcare data is diverse. There’s lab tests, physician notes, patient histories, scans, academic journal articles, social media and public record information, claims data and purchase histories, medication information, and more.


Webinar: Sustained Compliance with BCBS 239

, – October 7, 2015

Pulling together accurate reports that meet regulators changing demands is a clarion call for bodies and resources to “unwind data” and aggregate its metadata. Failure to do so could mean penalties, fines and loss of trust.


Webinar: Semantics in Financial Services

, – September 22, 2015

Everyone agrees reference data is the key to linking siloed data, but what links the reference data? With the complexity that defines customer party data in global banking, gaining extensive and comprehensive insights for KYC and AML has been nearly impossible. Until now.


Webinar: Get Smart About Semantics

, – August 20, 2015

Semantics focuses on relationships and context. Semantic data can be linked together to form a graph of hundreds of billions of facts and relationships.


Webinar: The Semantics Revolution

, – August 19, 2015

With assets buried away in silos throughout organizations, metadata catalogs have been the solution to help find these digital treasures. But these offline catalogues just tell you where to go to look for the asset and required a (literal) scooter or jaunt to get the assets themselves. Semantics changes all that.


Webinar: How Investment Banks Can Overcome the Compliance Hurdles and Make Data Pay

, – August 17, 2015

Investment banks are drowning in data and regulators are demanding change. Banks must improve the governance, consistency and quality of their data through new management, aggregation and reporting processes.


Webinar: Relational vs. Relationships – Best Practices In Identifying Relationships Between Data Sets

, – July 28, 2015

MarkLogic and 451 Research invite you to join a discussion on the increasing need for databases that have more flexible data models that take into account relationships and context in the data.


Webinar: Bitemporal Tracking – What It Means to You

, – July 23, 2015

We are in an age of super-regulation in which banks, insurance companies, and healthcare organizations face increased scrutiny of historical data. Unfortunately, traditional databases do not keep a complete history of the past, opening organizations up to increased risk and bigger fines. Only with a bitemporal database can organizations keep truly accurate record of the past, ensuring that historical data is never overwritten, even as corrections occur.


Webinar: But How Do You Model Data in NoSQL?

, – July 20, 2015

You’ve probably heard of NoSQL — but how different is working with it from what you are accustomed to? Discover the freedom you find with a flexible data model.


How True InDesign Multi-format Can Transform Your Content Workflow

, – June 2, 2015

Join us to hear how the Ixxus Design Hub provides design and editorial teams with a simple Adobe InDesign menu and powerful web app to produce digital content. Powered by MarkLogic, the Ixxus Design Hub plugs directly into Adobe Indesign, allowing you to automatically convert books and publications into fixed layout EPUBs, PDFS, HTML and […]


Webinar: Tales from the Front Lines of the Semantic Metadata Revolution

, – May 28, 2015

There is a big change happening right now in how we think about managing metadata and the impact it can have on your business – including how it can power a top app on iTunes!


Webinar: Innovation in Education

, – May 7, 2015

How can student engagement be enhanced and measured? New approaches and technical capabilities are changing how solutions providers approach the problem.


Webinar: Rethinking the Trade Lifecycle Part 4 – Fluid Contracts & ‘Metrics Driven’ Business Relationships

, – January 22, 2015

Learn about Fluid Contracts and how they enable Metrics Driven Business Relationships. How do you achieve a “single version of the truth” for proactive analysis? How are Customer Insight and Suspicious Activity Monitoring linked?


Webinar: Rethinking the Trade Lifecycle Part 3 – Record Retention & Compliance

, – December 16, 2014

Avoid the perils of creating opaque “landfill” archives that then continue to attract regulatory scrutiny and fines when they cannot deliver the insight expected of them.


Webinar: Hadoop Beyond the Hype

, – December 16, 2014

Go beyond the hype and discover practical ways to use Hadoop. Clear up key areas of confusion, and get some guidance to improve your odds of success on a Hadoop project.


Webinar: Creating a Springboard to Innovation

, – December 8, 2014

Learn how Springer made the decision to run its core subscription website service on MarkLogic, and how that new platform has been a springboard to reimagine its business.


Webinar: When Relational Databases Aren’t Enough

, – November 11, 2014

Learn how NoSQL solves problems that Oracle cannot, the difference between types of NoSQL data stores, and what to look for in evaluating NoSQL databases. See examples of how to use NoSQL alongside your Oracle database.


Webinar: Rethinking the Trade Lifecycle Part 2 – Enterprise Reference Data Management

, – October 30, 2014

This webinar describes why Reference Data Management is difficult, explains why an RDBMS is not suitable as a “golden copy”, and shows how a multi-variant Enterprise NoSQL database is the best platform for managing Enterprise Reference Data.


Webinar: How Publishing Survived and Lived to Deliver Information Another Day

, – October 28, 2014

Find out why the information delivery platform strategy is critical to publishers, how product development is driving new innovation, and what’s next with integrated data and semantics.


Patient 360: From Abstract to Reality

, – October 9, 2014

How can the right technology help improve patient outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem? Patient-centric care has largely been talk – with interoperability and information exchange the big obstacles. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Webinar: Triples – Easily Tie Data & Documents Together

, – October 8, 2014

You can see why it is so hard to “see across silos” by the fact that we don’t necessarily have a uniform way of identifying people, places, products, etc. What if you could normalize language, normalize schemas and easily query both structured and unstructured? Now you can: with Triples.


Webinar: Driving Change in the Public Sector

, – October 2, 2014

Learn from a panel of experts how MarkLogic has been deployed in organisations including the BBC’s popular on-demand iPlayer, the U.S. Government, and a recently commissioned project within Central Government


Webinar: Rethinking the Trade Lifecycle Part 1 – The Operational Tradestore

, – September 30, 2014

Learn why you don’t need to waste time creating a single perfect canonical data model to represent all data sources and asset classes. Find out how MarkLogic automatically transforms data streams into the right format for the right channel.


Webinar: Get Smart About NoSQL

, – September 10, 2014

Ouch. Those rapidly changing schemas can be such a headache. Why prescribe a relational database for multi-structured information when you can more quickly and effectively alleviate symptoms with a NoSQL database?


Webinar: Solving Challenges in Reference Data Management

, – June 17, 2014

Examine the common data architectures in place among top-tier firms and how new-generation technologies can enhance them to address current challenges and opportunities in capital markets.


Webinar: The New Database Frontier: Harnessing the Cloud

, – May 19, 2014

Hear veteran Analyst Rick Sherman as he explains how the changing needs of the user are driving database innovation.


Webinar: Automating the Game with Semantics, Part II

, – May 1, 2014

Getting Started and Building a Semantic Application: Leverage triples and the massive amounts of content you’ve acquired. Get started with Semantics.


Webinar: Automating the Game with Semantics, Part I

, – May 1, 2014

New Generation Content Creation, Search, and Delivery: Get the right information to the right user, at the right time, on the right device.


Webinar: MarkLogic for Cyber Defense

, – February 6, 2014

Cyber attacks and financial crime have been impacting firms over the past few years in substantial, and potentially disastrous ways. One of the key aspects of tackling these threats is the ability to bring together the insights drawn from various collection points, both machine and human-driven.


Webinar: Stand-up a Book Publishing Ecosystem in 45 Days

, – October 31, 2013

In this webcast, listen to Ave Maria Press Digital Strategist Jared Dees share his outsourcing experience with Direct Digital. He tells MarkLogic’s Diane Burley how the new cloud-based offering, built on MarkLogic, now handles the entire book publishing back-end and distribution network of Ave Maria Press.


Webinar: Flexible Content Use and Reuse in the STM Community

, – September 17, 2013

MarkLogic’s James Wonder discusses ways that he and our customers have used the MarkLogic product to increase the flexible data use and re-use within their organisations.


Webinar: Why Use a Hammer on that Screw When There’s a Screwdriver?

, – August 22, 2013

MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL Database has an integrated application server and search so you can easily replace your father’s search technology. No need to rebuild schemas, no reentering, no reloading and no reconfiguring.


Webinar: Analytics, NoSQL, and Visualization

, – July 25, 2013

See how you can combine the power of Tableau with the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database to perform analytics against disparate data sets composed of structured, unstructured and graph data.


Webinar: Using Big Data to Help Catch Bad Guys

, – July 18, 2013

Boeing has used MarkLogic as the applications and analytics platform for an Entity Management Framework (EMF) solution that helps with identity management, case management, screening, incident reporting, and criminal history. This solution is already deployed successfully in multiple agencies.


Webinar: Get Down to Serious Business with Hadoop

, – July 17, 2013

Hadoop is trending and everyone wants in on the hype. However, organizations still struggle over which ecosystem components to adopt in order to obtain the greatest value. Fear not! You can resolve the performance and data security issues consuming your time and development resources.


Webinar: Achieving Real Success with Hadoop

, – May 9, 2013

Intel and MarkLogic review examples of actual customers who have been able to real-time their Hadoop with proven strategies for real-time Analytics, ACID Transactions, Enterprise Grade Security and more.


Webinar: Delivering Data for Open Government

, – March 12, 2013

By deploying a land data repository based on MarkLogic, one of the fastest growing counties in the nation was able to take volumes of multi-structured data from disparate data silos into a fully managed and secure central repository and quickly deliver an easy-to-use application for real-time search, data retrieval, and geospatial display.


Webinar: Application Development with MarkLogic 6: APIs, Widgets, and More

, – February 27, 2013

Building applications just got easier with MarkLogic 6.


Webinar: Everyone’s a Publisher 2013

, – January 28, 2013

Learn about MarkLogic’s next generation, Big Data Search technology and how it accelerates innovation and development of new revenue streams while increasing user satisfaction.


Webinar: Big Data + MarkLogic + Tableau = Greatest Possible Insights

, – December 19, 2012

This presentation at the recent Tableau conference was so popular, we just had to repeat it! Fernando Mesa, Chief Technologist, Enterprise, will reprise the presentation in this special webcast.


Webinar: Integrating Enterprise NoSQL into Hadoop

, – November 8, 2012

By combining Hadoop and an Enterprise NoSQL database, you can index the most critical and frequently accessed data on high-performance infrastructure and allocate the rest to a low-cost offline archive for intermittent access and historical analysis.


Webinar: Why NoSQL is Important for Big Data

, – November 1, 2012

NoSQL databases hold the promise of enabling a new class of solutions that cannot be achieved with legacy, relational databases. Increasingly, Government agencies are looking at the new generation of NoSQL databases to solve their Big Data challenges.


Webinar: Customer Insight Across the Enterprise

, – September 28, 2012

Discover how disparate data such as documentation, contracts, product offerings, communication logs, and CRM info can be aggregated into one unified repository providing a single source of truth.


Webinar: Everyone’s a Publisher 2012

, – August 14, 2012

Learn how MarkLogic helps you centralize content – allowing access to global stakeholders and integration into various communication channels.


Webinar: Add Smarts to Your Test-Item Bank

, – July 26, 2012

Learn how Flatirons Solutions and MarkLogic have teamed to create a 21st Century publishing solution for higher education publishers that solves professors’ dilemmas and gives the publisher a competitive edge.


Webinar: Unify Data Silos with MarkLogic

, – July 19, 2012

ICA bridges all of the systems between health care organizations, without asking organizations to change up existing processes and systems, saving millions of dollars for regional health networks. Learn how they created the nation’s leading Health Information Exchange.


Webinar: One Size DAM Doesn’t Fit All

, – June 25, 2012

Conde Nast was a veteran of the off-the-shelf DAM solutions, but had been burned by the systems’ lack of flexibility. In this 60-minute webinar, find out how Conde Nast used MarkLogic to create a custom solution that saved money and kept pace with new business opportunities without burdening the development team.


Webinar: Top 3 Ways Search Can Uncover Value in Your Big Data

, – April 17, 2012

CIOs and other BI professionals are looking for tools that provide visibility into all of their data — and the key is Big Data Search.


Webinar: The Database Revolution: Relational & Analytics

, – March 14, 2012

A Database Revolution roundtable discussion among Big Data and NoSQL Experts: Mark Madsen of Third Nature, Robin Bloor of The Bloor Group, Colin White of BI Research, and Steve Dine of Datasource Consulting.


Webinar: Smartlogic and MarkLogic: The Logical Solution To Analyze Big Data

, – March 14, 2012

The logical combination of MarkLogic and Smartlogic gives organizations the best of real-time analytics with the content intelligence to surface facts and insights from Big Data.


Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Social Media Analytics

, – January 26, 2012

Social media analytics can be valuable to your business, but only if you can analyze it quickly and accurately. Featuring Altimeter Group Founder Charlene Li and MarkLogic Principal Technologist Fernando Mesa.


Webinar: The Cure for Your Top 3 Big Data Headaches

, – January 23, 2012

Big Data means big headaches for financial institutions. From front office risk management to back office trade operations, new infrastructure is needed to handle the explosive velocity, variety, and volume of data.


Webinar: Fit for Purpose – The New Database Revolution

, – January 18, 2012

This webcast formally launched several months of in-depth research designed to reveal the significant characteristics of each technology approach, from traditional relational databases to the latest NoSQL projects. The report also outlines appropriate use cases for each type of approach, as well as tradeoffs when choosing one technology over another


Webinar: Winning the Digital Asset Arms Wars: How Media Organizations Can Deliver More Content on More Channels to Maximize Revenues

, – January 18, 2012

Find out how media organizations can deliver more content on more channels to maximize revenues. Webinar featuring MarkLogic’s Senior Principal Technologist, Matt Turner and Digital Media Specialist Diane Burley.


Webinar: Prevention and Risk Management

, – October 26, 2011

MarkLogic, which has helped government intelligence agencies catch criminals, has been involved with helping discover and prevent Fraud. CROs and CSOs of all industries can steal a page from these government agencies to significantly reduce waste and/or recover from fraud activities.


Webinar: Delivering Your Digital Assets Faster with MarkLogic Server

, – October 6, 2011

Webinar featuring MarkLogic’s Matt Turner, Senior Principal Technologist, and Diane Burley, Digital Media Specialist. New opportunities for digital media are exponentially growing. Can your organization keep up with the pace?


Webinar: Delivering Your Digital Products with MarkLogic Server

, – September 27, 2011

Media companies are still struggling to efficiently create digital products because they are saddled with legacy technologies that were designed for a “print first” environment. The result is very lengthy product development cycles. This webinar explains how MarkLogic helps customers effectively solve this problem.


Webinar: FAST Relief: MarkLogic Fills the Gap & Gives Companies An Edge

, – June 1, 2011

Anticipating Microsoft’s news, MarkLogic has translated FAST Search and Transfer’s query language into industry standards used by MarkLogic Server. Simply replace the FAST ESP engine with MarkLogic Server to once again have a completely supported search tool – and gain the robust search power of MarkLogic!