MarkLogic for Universities

– January 12, 2018

Learn how MarkLogic works with academic institutions to teach NoSQL database technology and help students learn valuable new skills.


MarkLogic vs Relational Technology

– November 28, 2017

Learn how to improve cost and resource efficiency with MarkLogic


Real World Evidence Readiness Checklist

– November 27, 2017

Real World Evidence: Will your current technology prove an asset or a hindrance to your efforts? Check out our checklist to learn more.


Element Level Security and Redaction Datasheet

– October 31, 2017

Element Level Security secures your data at the sub-document level when different people search and query the data stored in MarkLogic. Redaction removes or obscures sensitive parts of your data when exporting data out of MarkLogic.


MarkLogic and Microsoft Azure Datasheet

– October 25, 2017

See how running MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform on Azure provides maximum flexibility and security for your mission-critical applications.


Compliance Archive Datasheet

– October 16, 2017

The Compliance Archive feature in MarkLogic helps meet the guidelines for document retention, accuracy, and availability—while not hampering the ability to cost-effectively scale your system and search your data.


Advanced Security Datasheet

– October 10, 2017

Advanced Security in MarkLogic includes capabilities such as External Key Management, Redaction, and Compartment Security. These additional features help maintain database security.


Cut Compliance Costs, Fuel Innovation with Data Integration

– September 5, 2017

The growth of financial regulations may be slowing, but compliance costs continue to explode.


Infographic: Finding Your Way Out of the Regulatory Maze

– September 5, 2017

Financial institutions need agile reporting to keep up with evolving regulations and fast-moving competition.


Deploy on Azure

– July 28, 2017

The MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform on Azure provides the flexibility to build a single, actionable 360-degree view of data in the cloud, whether fully on Azure or in a hybrid cloud environment.


Overview of MarkLogic 9

– June 27, 2017

MarkLogic has focused on providing optimal data security from the start, and has granular, certified security that is required for mission-critical use cases.


MiFID II: Compliance Readiness Checklist

– November 9, 2016

Is your organization on track to comply when MiFID II regulations take effect in January 2018? Assess your readiness.


Certified Security

– September 30, 2016

MarkLogic has focused on having enterprise-grade security from the start, and has fine-grained, certified security that is required to manage data and provide a shield against today’s cyber threats.


“Ask Anything” Universal Index

– September 29, 2016

MarkLogic uses an “Ask Anything” Universal Index that indexes data immediately when it is loaded, and you can immediately begin asking questions of your data.


MarkLogic Flexible Replication

– September 24, 2016

Flexible replication gives you the ability to leverage the full benefits of a distributed database platform, distributing your data where you need it around the world while maintaining all of the enterprise features of MarkLogic.


Hadoop Integration

– September 24, 2016

MarkLogic is the best database for Hadoop because it can seamlessly run alongside the Hadoop ecosystem, acting as the database to power real-time, transactional applications.


Flexible Data Model

– September 23, 2016

MarkLogic provides native storage for JSON, XML, RDF, geospatial, and large binaries (e.g., PDFs, images, videos). With this approach, it is easy to get all of your data in, and easy to make changes later on.


Flexible Deployment

– September 23, 2016

MarkLogic runs in any environment and you get to choose what environment to run it in. If you start on-premises and migrate to the cloud later on, that is okay.


Real-Time Alerting

– September 23, 2016

MarkLogic can handle hundreds of thousands of saved queries for alerting, and can send hundreds of millions of alerts per day.


MarkLogic Geospatial

– September 23, 2016

MarkLogic is the leading NoSQL database for geospatial applications, providing the ability to answer the “where” question in the context of any other operational data—all inside a platform designed with the security, scalability, and performance that organizations require.


MarkLogic ACID Transactions

– September 23, 2016

MarkLogic is an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database that has had ACID transactions since its first version. MarkLogic’s ACID properties also apply to multi-document transactions, multi-statement transactions, and XA transactions (transactions across a cluster).



– September 23, 2016

With MarkLogic, you can go back in time and explore data, manage historical data across systems, ensure data integrity, and do complex bitemporal analysis with ease.


Mainframe to MarkLogic and Intel Infographic

– April 20, 2016

What issues are IT executives most concerned with when dealing with their mainframe systems? What do they believe modernization will achieve with a new generation database?


MarkLogic Overview

– November 17, 2015

MarkLogic is the world’s best database for integrating data from silos. Read this overview datasheet to learn about what makes MarkLogic different, including some specific customer examples.


MarkLogic Semantics

– October 24, 2015

That contextual information that describes the relationships and metadata is the semantics of your data, and is easily stored in MarkLogic as RDF triples.


Deploy on AWS

– July 29, 2015

If you need to run NoSQL in the cloud, MarkLogic® on Amazon Web Services* is the best option. MarkLogic provides the only Enterprise NoSQL solution that runs on AWS and you can get started for only 99 cents an hour.


MarkLogic 8 Overview

– February 20, 2015

One platform for all of your data, whether it’s documents, relationships, or metadata—that is what MarkLogic 8 is designed for.


Tiered Storage

– November 11, 2014

MarkLogic tiered storage provides the ability to store and manage data in different tiers based on cost and performance trade-offs—whether it’s flash storage, traditional local or shared disk storage, HDFS, or Amazon* cloud storage.


Defining Enterprise NoSQL

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic is a trusted, hardened database platform that runs in the heart of top investment banks, global media companies, and government agencies.


MarkLogic High Availability and Disaster Recovery

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic has enterprise-class high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) so that you can have confidence that your data is always available and scheduled downtime is minimized, reducing risk and avoiding interruptions.


MarkLogic Language Support

– September 24, 2014

MarkLogic has basic language support for over 200 languages that enables basic full-text search and includes tokenization using whitespace-delimiters and punctuation.


MarkLogic GOTS Data Catalog

– August 19, 2013

With diversity and volume in today’s rich information sources, and to support present and future missions, the Defense and Intelligence communities need to deploy solutions that accommodate large, unpredictable, unstructured, and mixed sources.