EU GDPR Compliance – 3 Signs of Data Vulnerabilities

– February 21, 2017

With fines up to 4% of global revenue, reputational damage and risk of customer churn, non-compliance with data protection regulations is not an option. Why are you putting your data at risk?


Risk and Operations in Insurance: A Technology POV

, – February 15, 2017

Risk, client retention and business acceleration through operational efficiency are the three most pressing issues facing the insurance sector – and are actually stymied by the same challenge: No 360 view of the truth.


Lights, Camera, ACTIONABLE

, – February 13, 2017

Learn how to make DATA your action(able) superstar.


Data Deserves To Be Accessible. And Secured.

– January 12, 2017

All too often, what started out as secure data in a centralized system of record becomes insecure data in an un-managed, un-governed data silo. Learn the three signs of vulnerable data, and how MarkLogic can help.


Overcoming Enterprise Data Management Challenges with an Operational Data Hub

, – December 23, 2016

This presentation shows how – and why – the typical enterprise data strategy is not only eating up significant time and money, but is insufficient to handle new challenges of big data volume, variety and velocity. And, it introduces a new architecture pattern – the Operational Data Hub – that can not only reduce costs and time to value, but also helps to bridge the gap between analysis and operations by taking a real-time, data-centric approach to enterprise architecture.


Insurance: Your Data Deserves Better

– December 5, 2016

Data is the surety of your organization. It’s the output of the events of life. It’s the input for coverage, protection and compliance. Learn how to turn your data into your greatest asset!


EU General Data Protection Regulation: The Path to Compliance

– November 21, 2016

What is EU GDPR and how you can expedite compliance?


Part One: MiFID II: It’s About the Data, Not the Reporting

, – September 7, 2016

MiFID II regulations are requiring more sources of data than ever before to prove compliance and accurate reporting of trading activities. How can organizations ensure they’re ready by January 2018?


Plan for Success With High-Stakes Data Projects

– July 26, 2016

Your high-stakes data projects don’t have to end – as analysts predict – in failure. Learn how to leverage all of your data to reach your objectives with less time and expense than you might imagine. The key is to start with the end in mind …


Lightning Talk: How to Launch MarkLogic on Amazon Web Services (London)

– June 15, 2016

This lightning talk gives you step-by-step instructions for how to deploy and use MarkLogic on Amazon Web Services. It won’t take as long as you think.


Deep Dive: Take a Tour With Geospatial (London)

– June 15, 2016

This session covers MarkLogic use cases for geospatial and how organisations integrate geospatial data into their application ecosystems.


The Promise of Full-Stack JavaScript Realized (London)

– June 15, 2016

This session explores how to leverage full-stack JavaScript to simplify application development and make it easier to attract exceptional developers. We’ll detail a production-proven architecture that employs JavaScript throughout the stack and we’ll preview upcoming improvements to the JavaScript engine built into MarkLogic.


MarkLogic Security (London)

– June 15, 2016

This session provides an overview of the MarkLogic security model.


Beyond the RDBMS: Working With Relational Data in MarkLogic (London)

– June 14, 2016

In this session we show how to bring relational data from across many different sources into MarkLogic to provide a 360 view of key concepts.


Semantic Sessions in London

– May 27, 2016

MarkLogic World is coming to London.


A Very Unique Use Case

– May 27, 2016

Alexander Deles previews what he’ll be sharing in his MarkLogic World session.


MarkLogic is Spiritual

– May 27, 2016

MarkLogic attendee Prakash Chegu has very cool take on MarkLogic and our relationship with data.


That was an Epiphany!

– May 27, 2016

When asked “What surprised you most about MarkLogic World?”, one CIO in attendance shared her recent epiphany.


Enterprise NoSQL for Dummies

– May 24, 2016

Learn how databases incorporate semantic technology to make it possible to solve big data challenges that traditional databases aren’t equipped to solve.


Semantics for Dummies

– May 24, 2016

Learn how databases incorporate semantic technology to make it possible to solve big data challenges that traditional databases aren’t equipped to solve.


Lightning Talk: Customer 360

– May 12, 2016

With MarkLogic, it’s easy to integrate all sorts of customer data into a single system so an account executive can get a 360 view, including data from Salesforce, a customer support system, a training system, and other places.


Lightning Talk: How to Launch MarkLogic on Amazon Web Services (San Francisco)

– May 11, 2016

This lightning talk gives you step-by-step instructions for how to deploy and use MarkLogic on Amazon Web Services. It won’t take as long as you think.


Seven Reasons to Start Building Your Healthcare Practice on MarkLogic Today

– May 11, 2016

MarkLogic is changing how organizations integrate and access their enterprise data. That’s great news for healthcare consultants. MarkLogic offers consulting firms new opportunities to serve clients with high-value, high-margin projects that engage their best talent and solve the stubborn challenges of healthcare data integration.


Search? Yes, It Can Do That!

– May 10, 2016

In this technical session, MarkLogic Principal Engineer, Mary Holstege, guides you through the world of MarkLogic search.


Take The Red Pill

– May 10, 2016

Today, we have a choice to take the red pill—to embrace a new approach to data integration that breaks through the limitations of the past.


The World’s Best Database for Integrating Data From Silos

– May 10, 2016

Businesses are relying on MarkLogic to integrate data better, faster, with less cost, enabled by the advanced capabilities that make MarkLogic the database of the choice for the future. Checkout the opening keynote from MarkLogic World San Francisco to hear more.


MarkLogic Powers Healthcare Data Strategy

– May 5, 2016

MarkLogic eases the pain of data integration projects for healthcare organizations. With MarkLogic’s database platform as the backbone of your enterprise data strategy, your healthcare organization can leverage insights from across all of its data to thrive in today’s pay-for-performance environment.


Mainframe to NoSQL Whiteboard Video

– April 14, 2016

How can MarkLogic and Intel help you make the leap from mainframes to NoSQL? Watch this video to find out!


MarkLogic for Healthcare

– March 1, 2016

Learn how MarkLogic’s new generation database technology provides value for organizations across the healthcare industry.


Supply 360: Retail & Consumer Industries

– February 29, 2016

MarkLogic can help you integrate all your complex data across supply chain silos.


MarkLogic Operational Trade Repository Solution

– January 29, 2016

Watch this short video to learn how MarkLogic helps Financial Services organizations get a single source of truth across asset classes to reduce risk, decrease overall TCO and cost per trade, and support ongoing change and innovation.


Product 360: Retail and Consumer Industries

– December 4, 2015

MarkLogic helps companies turn product information into a source of competitive advantage.


Mainframe to NoSQL with MarkLogic and Intel

– November 18, 2015

Mainframes are expensive and difficult to manage. Learn about the benefits of moving to a MarkLogic and Intel solution for your data.


Drive E-Commerce Revenue by Reinventing the Retail Experience

, – October 19, 2015

E-commerce is Retail’s fastest growing segment, yet 66% don’t complete their purchase when adding items to their cart. Customers aren’t finding what they need, and your data might be the culprit. With relational databases dramatically limiting the number of attributes a retailer can use to classify products, to on average only 48 attributes, what do you do when this season’s ‘Electric Crimson’ really means ‘Red’? Break out of your relational box.


Geo360 Solution

– October 8, 2015

Existing geospatial databases are unfit to manage unstructured information: documents, observations, human geography, or situational awareness. Learn how organizations are implementing MarkLogic to organize geospatial data.


From Data Challenge to Data Opportunity

– August 13, 2015

Presenter(s): Thomas Tong, CTO, Energy – MarkLogic Join Thomas Tong as he inspires his audience to greatness by encouraging them to envision a world free from the technology constraints of yesterday … a world where true data agility means virtually limitless opportunities. We all know the drill – data is growing at a staggering rate. […]


Get Better Business Insights with MarkLogic & Tableau

– August 5, 2015

Combining Tableau* and MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL gives you real-time business analytics on all your data, structured and unstructured, in one easy-to-use platform.


Webinar: Bitemporal Tracking – What It Means to You

, – July 23, 2015

We are in an age of super-regulation in which banks, insurance companies, and healthcare organizations face increased scrutiny of historical data. Unfortunately, traditional databases do not keep a complete history of the past, opening organizations up to increased risk and bigger fines. Only with a bitemporal database can organizations keep truly accurate record of the past, ensuring that historical data is never overwritten, even as corrections occur.


Codifyd Expands its Product Offerings and Increases Sales with MarkLogic

– July 10, 2015

Codifyd’s Bridge and Precise Search boost customer service


Better With Bitemporal

– July 1, 2015

This whitepaper explains why you need a bitemporal database to truly maintain a complete and accurate picture of “what you knew” and “when you knew it,” and why NoSQL is best suited for bitemporal data.


Consumer 360

– June 15, 2015

Achieve a single, consistent – and persistent – relationship with a customer who engages with you across multiple channels.


New Vistas for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Combining Full-text and Chemical Information

– May 21, 2015

The talk will describe how InfoChem has developed a technological infrastructure within the MarkLogic platform that allows effective and integrated searches in both full-text and chemical information.


Herold: Creating New Revenue Streams with MarkLogic and Semantics

– May 21, 2015

Presenters: Martin Kersch, CIO, Herold. Alexander Deles, CEO EBCONT Herold Business Data, the Austrian yellow pages provider and direct mailing company, is creating new revenue streams in their yellow pages portal with help from experienced MarkLogic partner EBCONT. Learn how they expanded their portfolio and increased customer services by adding a new product, named Common […]


Digital Transformation in the Lagardère Group

– May 21, 2015

Lagardère Active’s Vincent Mas, head of the Content Factory Project, describes how his team is building a metadata and content repository to facilitate the repurposing and customizing of existing information, and publishing it to various media types.


Leveraging Standards and Compliance Intelligence for Regulated Industries through Semantic Web Technologies

– May 21, 2015

Presenters: Chrissi Jackson, Product Manager, BSI Standards Standards form part of the foundation of compliance for regulated industries, such as the manufacture and distribution of medical devices in Europe. But the process of discovering, managing and anticipating changes to compliance information is painful, and getting it wrong can have disastrous consequences – not only for […]


Big Ships, Big Data – Opportunities for Data Analytics in a Maritime Construction Company

– May 21, 2015

Presenters: Sander Steenbrink, General Manager, Corporate Research & Development, Boskalis Introduction Boskalis then talk about Big Data usage within Boskalis. Present the “Find the Expert” pilot within Boskalis and end with a few takeaways


Multi-Model Data Integration in the Real World

– April 27, 2015

Presenter(s): Pete Aven, Principal Sales Engineer, MarkLogic Mike Bowers, Enterprise Information Architect, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Today’s data is more than just relational. Increasingly, developers are asked to integrate dimensional, columnar, document, graph, relational, and even binary data. MarkLogic is the only enterprise database that supports all of these. How you […]


MarkLogic Semantics – Customer Showcase

– April 27, 2015

Presenter(s): Anthony Accardo, Director, Research & Development, Disney ABC Television Group Bob Pilz, Taxonomy Manager, Mitchell1 Bill McCrea, VP of Architecture for Broadridge Global Technology and Operations Services, Broadridge Financial Solutions This is an in-depth look at a real-world MarkLogic Semantics customer use case. Why did they choose MarkLogic? What were the special challenges, rewards […]


Advanced Screening and Fraud Detection for Financial Services

– April 27, 2015

NTT Data discusses the credit card merchant screening solution they have developed on top of MarkLogic, and well as their internet banking fraud detection solution that is currently in development.


Webinar: Creating a Springboard to Innovation

, – December 8, 2014

Learn how Springer made the decision to run its core subscription website service on MarkLogic, and how that new platform has been a springboard to reimagine its business.


Unleashing Unstructured Data: Making Use of Your Unstructured Data with Tableau & Marklogic

– July 1, 2014

Presenter: Paul Lilford, Global Director, Technology Partners, Tableau Software

Marklogic and Tableau long offered unparalleled synergies rapidly analyzing schema-less transactions in the enterprise. With version 8.2, Tableau is delighted to introduce a 100% native, optimized, and supported Marklogic datasource connector.


Webinar: Automating the Game with Semantics, Part II

, – May 1, 2014

Getting Started and Building a Semantic Application: Leverage triples and the massive amounts of content you’ve acquired. Get started with Semantics.


Webinar: Automating the Game with Semantics, Part I

, – May 1, 2014

New Generation Content Creation, Search, and Delivery: Get the right information to the right user, at the right time, on the right device.


Why Enterprise NoSQL Matters

– March 27, 2013

This whitepaper by Evan Quinn of ESG explores some of the critical features you should look for when choosing your NoSQL solution, and discusses why enterprise capabilities indeed matter.


NY Summit 2012: Big Data Meets eDiscovery

– November 29, 2012

In this session, find out how legal professionals are using MarkLogic’s search and analytics capabilities to reduce review sets, cut down on response risks and save on discovery costs.