Technology Partners

Our technology partners are industry-leading companies that have contributed specific infrastructure solutions for MarkLogic. Their technologies ensure our solutions perform and integrate well with other systems and applications.


Access Innovations’ Data Harmony provides MarkLogic customers with metadata extraction, inline tagging, entity extraction, automatic indexing (keyword tagging using M.A.I.), thesaurus and taxonomy creation and maintenance (using Thesaurus Master), and content creation (using its XML Intranet System). Organizations can leverage the work in the search presentation layer with related and narrower terms, browseable hierarchy, and auto-completion from the taxonomy.


Antenna House
Antenna House has been developing computer software since 1984 under the slogan of “data usability.” Today, the company is a leader in the development of document formatting software with the most powerful and proven formatting software available. Antenna House Formatter V5 now supports complex page layouts for both print and PDF outputs, and lets users select the style sheet strategy, CSS or XSL-FO, that best suits their web, content management, and business needs.


Applied Relevance
Epinomy from Applied Relevance is a new dashboard for MarkLogic. Built from the ground up to take full advantage of the semantic features in MarkLogic 7, Epinomy is a unique tool for organizing, tagging and most importantly finding your big data. Because it is built natively on MarkLogic, it has unrivaled scalability and performance. Epinomy brings modern fact-driven techniques pioneered by the web giants into the enterprise giving you access to all your data, all the time. A free trial download of Epinomy LT is available at:


Connotate transforms web data and content into high-value information assets—to feed content products, grow market and business intelligence, and enable mass data aggregation, migration, and integration. Connotate’s patented intelligent Agent technology empowers both business users and programmers to quickly create data sets, new applications, and content products. With Connotate, customers experience productivity gains, reduced costs, mitigated risks, more informed decision-making, and strategic and competitive advantages.


Contata Solutions
Contata Solutions is a MarkLogic partner providing big-data and analytics solutions for clients in financial, oil & gas, publishing and healthcare domains. Contata’s expertise areas include structured and unstructured data analytics – classification, extraction and enrichment of information captured in textual data – and building enterprise applications to support operational workflows, knowledge management & discovery, and social-media marketing.


Data Conversion Laboratory
Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) provides data conversion services to industry, government, publishers, libraries, and technical documentation developers. In its 25 years, DCL has successfully converted more than a quarter-billion pages. Specializing in conversions from any paper and electronic format to XML targets like NLM, DITA, and S1000D, DCL combines automated and editorial processes to create “clean” content that meets customer requirements for quality, schedule, and budget.


Coming from the enterprise world of IT, EBCONT enterprise technologies knows how to plan, implement and integrate mission critical applications. The company delivers innovative, smart and economical solutions by focusing on modern technologies like Java and XML. Building solutions based on MarkLogic enables EBCONT to optimize time-to-market for their customers. With an innovative team, that has a very broad range of experience and excellent skills in all fields of information technology, EBCONT is able to fill the gap between business needs and technology perfectly, without any compromises on performance, security or stability, even in the mobile world. As a part of the EBCONT Group, EBCONT enterprise technologies is able to scale out from a technology as well as from a manpower perspective.


Ensco, Inc. provides engineering, science and advanced technology solutions for the defense, security, transportation and aerospace industries. The company is privately held and has a history of innovation spanning four decades. ENSCO is headquartered near Washington, D.C., with field offices throughout the United States and representatives around the world.


Esgisoft is an IT consulting firm specialized in Enterprise Search / Information Retrieval / eDiscovery Solutions for customers across geographies. We deliver mobile search & high end ‘Enterprise Search Solutions’ to suit customer needs and meet their challenges. We have enabled clients to understand uniqueness of their innovative search aspirations and identify associated business risks.


Hortonworks promotes the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop. Together with the Apache community, Hortonworks is making Hadoop more robust and easier to install, manage and use. The Hortonworks Data Platform powered by Apache Hadoop provides an open and stable foundation for enterprises and a growing ecosystem to build and deploy big data solutions.


Intel believes that every organization and individual in the world should be able to unlock the transformative potential of all data to enrich our lives through discovery and innovation, new business models, and consumer experiences. Intel is enabling its customers to obtain value from data by delivering robust open platforms that support innovation in analytics, from intelligent devices at the edge to servers, storage, and networks in the cloud.


Interop Vendor Alliance
The Interop Vendor Alliance is an industry-wide group working to identify and share opportunities to better connect people, data, and diverse systems through better interoperability with Microsoft systems and jointly market the solutions of its members. It serves as a collaborative forum for developing and sharing common technology models, facilitates scenario-based testing of multivendor solutions, and communicates additional best practices to customers and partners. MarkLogic has been a member since February 2008.


ISYS Search Software
ISYS Search Software is a global leader in embedded search and universal information access solutions. Our innovations in enterprise search power the world’s leading information management providers, including EMC Corporation, HP, Autodesk and Sybase. The ISYS suite of enterprise search also enables the virtual aggregation ofcorporate knowledge, providing a single point of access to information thatresides across workstations, files shares, intranets, databases and enterprise systems. A pioneer in enterprise search, ISYS has served more than 16,000 organizations worldwide.


Jouve brings a deep understanding of how to help publishers, government agencies, and other organizations streamline and optimize their content creation and distribution processes. With a strong local presence in the U.S. and Europe, Jouve’s range of services covers the entire value chain for print and digital products, including content creation, conversion, indexing, promotion, and distribution. Jouve also delivers professional services to help its customers build multi-channel production strategies and systems.


Media Entities
Media Entities Solutions drives XML publishing workshops for print and digital media. Our products shield your creative team from daunting XML complexity, reduce production time, and provide content agility and transformation. We support XML file import, export, and XQuery to or from a server with InDesign, and Word; metadata integration at the document, frame, and character level; import to any page design and export to any DTD.


Net Owl
NetOwl® is the industry’s leading text and entity analytics product suite. NetOwl offers state-of-the-art entity extraction, link and event extraction, geotagging, multicultural name matching, and identify resolution in multiple languages.


Oxygen XML
oXygen XML Editor provides the best coverage of today’s XML technologies. It complies with the established XML standards and enhances developer productivity through an intuitive and innovative XML IDE. XML Editor provides the tools for XML authoring, XML conversion, XML Schema, DTD, Relax NG and Schematron development, XPath, XSLT, XQuery debugging, SOAP, and WSDL testing. also has support to browse, manage, and query native XML and relational databases.


Press' Innov
Press’ Innov is an IT services company. We use cutting-edge technologies that enable our customers to enrich and increase their content production, print and web communication and data. We specialize in the Media – News – Publishing sector (and more specifically legal publishing), having gleaned a very sound knowledge of its activities, strategic and technological challenges. We are working for communication/marketing departments, in several sectors, to help them to enhance their cross media publishing: website, magazine, mobiles apps, e-book,… We have successfully designed and developed an editorial system on top of MarkLogic to create hundreds of legal analyses per month and publish them on Print and Web.


QlikTech reveals meaning in data so people can act on it. The QlikView Business Discovery software platform and Qlik Customer Success Framework provide the people, technology and services to help organizations progressively optimize how they use data as a strategic resource. QlikView uses Natural AnalyticsTM to support the way our human curiosity naturally searches and processes information, revealing insights and enabling decisions in the process. From small businesses to the largest global enterprises, QlikView gives users the immediate insights they need and IT professionals the enterprise manageability and governance they require. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, QlikTech has offices around the world serving approximately 29,000 customers in over 100 countries.


Smartlogic provides Semaphore, a Content Intelligence platform that complements an organization’s investments in Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence and Content Management. Semaphore provides effective, rapid and accurate control of, and access to, unstructured content with a speed, accuracy and intelligence not achievable today through existing systems that are strained from soaring information volumes. Semaphore endows these systems with capabilities, such as taxonomy & ontology management, automatic classification and contextual navigation, so that organizations can better find, organise, process, monetize, control and govern unstructured content.


Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Used by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, Tableau’s award-winning software delivers fast analytics and rapid-fire business intelligence. Create visualizations and dashboards in minutes, then share in seconds. The result? You get answers from data quickly, with no programming required.


Temis helps organizations structure, manage and leverage their unstructured information assets. Its flagship platform, Luxid®, identifies and extracts targeted information to semantically enrich content with domain-specific metadata. Luxid® enables professional publishers to efficiently package and deliver relevant information to their audience, and helps enterprises to intelligently archive, manage, analyze, discover and share increasing volumes of information.


TSO‘s OpenUp® semantic platform includes a semantic enrichment service that extracts entities from free text. TSO develops domain-specific annotators (taggers) to extract different types of entities from unstructured content. Coupled with MarkLogic, their data enrichment services provide an extremely powerful tool for automated indexing of content. In addition, OpenUp® offers linked data hosting via its RDF store in which clients can host their triples, making them available for querying via a SPARQL endpoint or a Linked Data API. The OpenUp® platform is a collection of integrated services available as Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing fast deployment at a reasonable cost. The services provide a highly scalable and resilient platform to store, query and enrich linked open data. The OpenUp® platform is complemented by TSO’s semantic team providing linked data modelling and conversion services.


Typefi develops the leading intelligent and scalable automated composition and publishing olution leveraging Adobe InDesign Server. Typefi Publish automatically generates complex, professionally designed InDesign and PDF documents from XML and Microsoft Word. Typefi creates both short documents, like marketing collateral and package inserts, to long documents such as books and journals.


Ultris develops innovative and valuable tools enabling the production of high-quality software components and applications. AppDeveloper from Ultris enables rapid development of proof-of-concept and production quality search applications where modules can be developed independently, allowing organizations to create, assemble, and share a library of business-relevant application components, maximizing re-use, efficiency, and productivity. Ultris delivers professional services, and its technical and business consultants hold the highest level of clearance demanded by the UK government.