Partner Program Overview

Want to join us in providing Enterprise NoSQL solutions as an official MarkLogic partner? We offer an official Partner Program with defined benefits and expectations across various tiers of commitment.

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Level Characteristics Partner Commitment Benefits
  • Global
  • By invitation only
  • MarkLogic Center of Excellence
  • Horizontal, cross industry verticals
  • Influences $5M+ in LFYM bookings
  • Executive Sponsorship
  • 50 MarkLogic-trained resources
All benefits of Gold Partner Plus:

  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Alliance Account Manager
  • Quarterly Partner Plan
  • GTM plan
  • Field sales meetings
  • Industry vertical incentives
  • 50% discount on classroom training
  • Enhanced support
  • In at least two industry verticals
  • MarkLogic Center of Excellence
  • Has at least one solution offering
  • Influences at least $1M in LFYM bookings
  • 10 MarkLogic-trained resources
All benefits of Silver Partner Plus:

  • Field Sales Meetings
  • Annual Partner Plan
  • Monthly alignment review
  • Enhanced Marketing Benefits
  • 25% discount on classroom training
  • Standard support
  • Influences or introduces MarkLogic into specific accounts (tactical)
  • May have solution offering
  • Influences at least $500K in LFYM bookings
  • 5 MarkLogic-trained resources
All benefits of Affiliate Plus:

  • Specific sales meetings and account incentives
  • Master Partner Agreement
  • Mutual NDA
  • Early Access Program (invitation)
  • Opportunity Profile
  • Value Proposition
  • Solution Promotion
  • Subcontracting Opportunities
  • Partner Portal
  • Standard Marketing benefits
  • 10% discount on classroom training
  • Marketing assistance fund (invitation)
  • Opportunity-based
  • Accept Program Terms
  • MarkLogic Essentials Class
All Developer Benefits Plus:

  • Referral Agreement (invitation)
  • Directory listing
  • Limited support
  • Exploring MarkLogic
  • Interested in developing applications or solutions
  • Accept limited license terms
  • Limited license
  • Web Support