Leveraging Data 2017 Empowering Data Driven Government

June 7, 2017

Sacramento, California

MarkLogic leads the breakout session on How to Prepare for the Unknown

It happened seemingly overnight. Data used to be boring and predictable. Suddenly, data stuck in silos is in different shapes: tables, documents, email, social media, IoT or video, and your agency is being asked to do different things with it for users you didn’t know you had. Meanwhile Governance, Risk, and Compliance is more important and more difficult than ever. However, this is also an opportunity to rethink what data management means to Government Leaders and how changes affect operations and culture. This panel will explore the impact of changing data and demands and how a future-proofing shift can help your agency catch up with your changing data and user requirements. Panelists Tracy Geiszler will share how changing data demands impacts Caltrans, Federal Receiver Clark Kelso will discuss the power of answering “What did you know and when did you know it”, and Sara Mazer from MarkLogic will tie everything together with the Healthcare.gov case study and lessons learned.


  • Sara Mazer, Big Data Enterprise Architect, MarkLogic
  • Cheryl Miles, Account Executive, MarkLogic
  • Tracy Geiszler, Division Chief, Information Technology Solutions, Caltrans
  • Clark Kelso, Federal Receiver, McGeorge School of Law