Meetup #2: Enable Existing Client Services Apps by Consuming Aggregated NoSQL Data

May 30, 2017

Boston, Massachusetts

Today real time data integration projects are avoided because traditional relational database methods with ETL tools make it a complex, multi-year project, often requiring outsourcing services. The ROI is impossible. NoSQL database options change this business, substantively collapsing time to integration, the skill sets required, and drastically reducing costs. Now you can integrate complex, distributed, data silos in weeks, not years. And for unwavering relational advocates — 100% ACID compliant never re-write the data model when source systems change. This is a true multi-model NoSQL.

The discussion is highlighted by the points below:

  • How existing client services apps consume data from NoSQL databases
  • How to preserve existing application interfaces for the user community
  • Technology features: 100% ACID compliant transactions with out-of-the box, automatic failover, HA/DR/Enterprise Grade Security, and Government Common Criteria Certified

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