Warrior Gateway

Warrior Gateway connects servicemembers and veterans to each other, their local communities and a wealth of knowledge through a virtual community center at warriorgateway.org. Warrior Gateway’s G.I. Network connects users with education, employment, health and wellness programs from 220,000 service providers, as well as veteran-specific job opportunities. Since 2012, the G.I. Network has helped over 50,000 servicemembers and veterans return home for good.

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In the last 12 years, Americans have given approximately $12 billion to support a growing community of military- and veteran-focused charities, and there are more than 41,500 nonprofit organizations specifically chartered to serve the veteran population. However, the existence of so many resources alongside complex Veterans Administration and Department of Defense regulations has created an overwhelming maze that vets must navigate to find basic information about healthcare, education, housing, and employment resources available to them.

Warrior Gateway wanted to create the G.I. Network as a single source of truth connecting veterans to the right support services. But to make that happen, it had to meet many challenges:

  • Bring together data from multiple sources: Because there are so many different services available to veterans, Warrior Gateway needed to combine data from multiple disparate systems in a single repository, streamline search, and update information as needed.
  • Launch resources quickly: Millions of veterans need services now. Warrior Gateway wanted to implement a database solution rapidly and connect veterans with the right information as fast as possible.
  • Custom application development: To create the best experience for veterans, the G.I. Network wanted to develop custom applications, but had limited internal resources. This made a database solution that offered API connectivity an appealing option.

The Solution

Warrior Gateway chose the MarkLogic database as the foundation of the G.I. Network for its ability to bring together information from a diverse range of resources and make it available to veterans in different formats.

The MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform allows the G.I. Network to capture, store, and analyze a diverse range of ever-changing, high volume content in an open access shareable environment enabling developers to discover the shape and dimensions of data, quickly assess trends and patterns, and explore data more naturally. The G.I. Network is now able to give various front-line veteran service organizations direct access to a constantly updated resource directory that they can easily display on their own sites.

MarkLogic provided us with the technology and infrastructure needed to service veterans. The scalability, open source integration and database technology platform made it easy for us to become the go-to source for job listings, non-profit organizations and public forums.

Devin B Holmes, Chief Executive Officer, Warrior Gateway

Why MarkLogic?

MarkLogic technology ensures that Warrior Gateway’s G.I. Network can serve its constituents with these underlying benefits:

  • Faster Access to Information: Warrior Gateway and the G.I. Network are able to ingest large volumes of diverse data types and attain high performance for batch and interactive data processing to ensure that veterans reach the resources they need.
  • Rapid Deployment: WarriorGateway.org was up and running within 40 days, while the G.I. Network is continually evolving. MarkLogic API’s and reference implementation provide high performance, high capacity database with architecture designed for easy integration and fast development of powerful applications.
  • Easy Integration with Other Technology: An open source content management system was easily integrated into MarkLogic to create an open portal that could be updated independently of the database.
  • More Useful, Customized Search: Veterans need access to nearby resources to help them transition back into civilian life. The G.I. Network uses geospatial indexing to find local services and even allows veterans to see how far away certain services are.

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