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Triumph Learning, LLC, is a leading educational content company and publisher of print and digital K-12 resources and standards-aligned supplemental curriculum, serving more than six million students in 36,000 schools in 2013 and 2014. Triumph Learning offers unique student solutions, robust teacher support, and professional development opportunities. With products such as WaggleTM and CoachTM, the organization is committed to building seamless, blended learning solutions to help students achieve success and progress in their learning paths.

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Triumph Learning built a successful system for digital and print educational publishing, but changes in the industry posed new challenges, which required expanded capabilities. Triumph was faced with an escalating volume of data, a growing variety of dynamic content types (e.g., technology enhanced question types, practice lessons and assessments), and increasing consumer demands for new content features. Compounding the complexities, widespread adoption of the Common Core State Standards Initiative made it necessary for Triumph to create a flexible, efficient infrastructure that would allow it to quickly integrate and disseminate new content in order to provide teachers and students with programs and tests that meet the updated, state-mandated standards. Other challenges included:

Time to Market Pressure

As states adopted new standards that impacted curriculum and tests, Triumph Learning had to keep up with these constant changes to ensure its customer base had the relevant content it needed on a timely basis. Standards were not the only changing variable — teachers were employing fewer print-based teaching methods and leveraging more digital and interactive assets, which meant there was greater pressure for the company to innovate quickly.

User Experience

With user complexities keeping pace with the constant changes to content and curriculum, Triumph Learning needed to be sure any back-end changes would be transparent to the authors, content providers, editors, and designers, all of whom required consistent content extraction and creation processes as well as a seamless workflow experience to support their productivity.

Complex Data Management

To innovate in the marketplace, Triumph needed the ability to rapidly ingest, author, and manage newer content types, such as technology enhanced question types, interactive practice lessons and assessments, PDFs, and audio and videos from various sources.

The Solution

In 2013, the Triumph Learning team embarked on a new, online learning solution, Waggle. It knew of various NoSQL vendors that could deliver on the critical flexibility and agility the project required, but these lacked critical enterprise functionality such as data consistency and integrity, read/write concurrency, taxonomy ingestion and lookups and built-in search.

Furthermore, Triumph sought a seasoned partner with a strong track record in publishing, and turned to content management providers Yuxi Pacific for its Xquire/ēdere ccms™ solution. Built on the MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL database platform, Xquire manages content workflow, authoring, ingestion, delivery and integration of content. Hosted in the Cloud via Amazon Web Services, Triumph Learning’s internal content authors, editors, and designers access MarkLogic through application user interfaces.

Content is our most powerful asset and with MarkLogic, we can focus on how to get the most value out of it for our customers and not how to store and access it. MarkLogic gives us the flexibility for future innovation.

Raj Chary, Vice President, Technology and Architecture, Triumph Learning


With MarkLogic as the backbone of its content management solutions, Triumph Learning can integrate all of its data, ingest it as is, or enhance it with metadata, and store, search and reuse it – meeting its productivity and flexibility objectives. Moreover, the organization experienced these advantages:

Faster time to market

MarkLogic’s flexible data model makes it easier for the Triumph Learning team to build new features within Waggle (e.g., drag-and-drop, graphing, highlight and many more Technology Enhanced question types) and respond to the changing requirements of the Common Core mandate. By creating re-usable assets, developers and authors are able to more quickly create print, digital and interactive products. Projects can be assembled in minutes/hours instead of days/weeks.

Improved User Experience

With a schema-agnostic database that can ingest data as is, Triumph Learning can easily integrate new content, auto-convert image assets in various delivery formats and dimensions and make data accessible to users quickly. MarkLogic’s built-in powerful search enables users to delve down into asset metadata, and with taxonomy look ups pinpoint the material most relevant to the project and audience in chapters, paragraphs and even sentences.

Risk Management

In addition to supporting more than 200 concurrent users with zero latency, Triumph has also had zero downtime with MarkLogic and can rest assured its data is secure.

Increased Innovation

MarkLogic’s flexible data model means Triumph Learning can refocus its efforts on developing the product pipeline while spending less time on reconfiguring its infrastructure and data.

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