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For nearly a century, Mitchell 1® has been a leader in providing information solutions aimed at simplifying the everyday tasks of automotive professionals and making their jobs easier. Through its automotive repair services, Mitchell 1 is able to provide the high-quality, interactive and expert advice that leads to on-time and on-estimate repairs.


Before there were online resources or even CD-based systems, Mitchell 1 published paper manuals for repair shops that were up to two inches thick, and one manual worked for most types of cars (i.e., one engine for all car models for a particular year). But as cars became more complex, so did the documentation to fix them. Additionally, the files also became difficult to organize: Finding the fix for a power window of a 2000 Toyota Highlander became akin to finding a needle in a haystack. In 2001, in order to help customers fix cars faster, Mitchell 1 moved to an interactive online version of the manuals that was indexed and organized by article.

The online system helped Mitchell 1 to streamline access repair information, but the online manuals were based on a relational database, which was beginning to strain to digest, integrate and disseminate the growing volume and disparate types of data. Mitchell 1 saw an opportunity to integrate its data and turn it into a competitive advantage—even transforming its business from a technology provider to a content provider. The Mitchell 1 team also had a vision of how it could leverage data in order to improve the value of the tools of its parent company, Snap-on®. To accomplish its goals, Mitchell 1 had to address the following challenges:

Complex Data Management and Integration. Integrating data in multiple formats (e.g., text, images, video) found in multiple locations:

  • Manuals, recall orders and services bulletins from 28 manufacturers
  • A repository of expert advice from national auto repair specialists
  • Growing online support communities
  • Hundreds of millions of repair orders

Inflexible Architecture. Mitchell 1 saw that increasing data types and volume would soon make data integration with a relational database time-consuming and costly.

Competitive Landscape. To maintain its industry leadership and continue to outpace competitors, Mitchell 1 needed to offer up-to-the-minute, relevant, rapidly searchable and comprehensive repair information.

The Solution

Mitchell 1 selected the MarkLogic® database to solve its existing data integration and management challenges, as well as to provide a foundation for new revenue-driving services and product enhancements. The MarkLogic database powers the following Mitchell 1 services:

  1. ProDemand®, which provides full OEM repair, estimating, maintenance, and real-world experienced-based information in one easy-to-use product. It’s built to help auto service professionals work faster and more accurately. The MarkLogic database also powers ProDemand’s 1Search™ feature that streamlines the search process to provide comprehensive, categorized repair information in an easy-to-use interface.
  2. SureTrack®, an all-in-one diagnostic information resource that is a unique combination of intelligence and expertise to help aftermarket automotive shops increase accuracy and efficiency from diagnosis to completed repair.

Additionally, portions of the data from Mitchell 1’s MarkLogic database are utilized by handheld diagnostics platforms.

The MarkLogic database is a powerful tool for us, constantly offering valuable new features like semantics that can further differentiate us from competitors. We can gather valuable information from multiple—and growing—sources, connect the dots across our data siloes, and then answer all of our customers’ questions in one spot. This helps us achieve our end goal of helping customers fix cars faster.

Jeff Grier, Senior Director Product Development, Mitchell 1

Why MarkLogic

Using the MarkLogic database, Mitchell 1 is integrating hundreds of millions of repair orders while delivering searchable and comprehensive service, repair and diagnostic information to technicians in seconds. With an optimized database from which to launch new features and services, Mitchell 1 has been able to increase its market share. With MarkLogic, Mitchell 1:

Achieves Faster Time to Value. With the flexibility of the MarkLogic database, Mitchell 1 can more quickly roll out new features, introducing enhancements every two weeks versus once or twice a year with previous platforms. Content automatically loads into the MarkLogic database and MarkLogic Semantics enriches disparate data sources in real-time, so repair shops know their content is accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date.

Increases Revenue by Improving the Customer Experience. Utilizing MarkLogic’s built-in search and semantics capabilities, ProDemand delivers results in sub-seconds, integrating content from OEMs, repair orders and user communities in order to deliver the right information to the right people. As a result, shops are diagnosing and fixing cars faster, while generating repeat business and customer loyalty. The MarkLogic database also helps improve the usability of handheld diagnostic tools used in shops throughout the world. When the tools are plugged into a specific car, the Mitchell 1 now quickly serves up all relevant information – leading to fast and accurate diagnoses.

Reduces Costs. Consolidated repair information and streamlined delivery reduces overhead and increases productivity for repair shops. In addition, because MarkLogic ingests data “as is” the need for manual data transformation decreased substantially.

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