CQ Roll Call

CQ Roll Call, an Economist Group business, is the leading source of news and analysis about United States politics, legislation, and elections and provides information products and services to politicians, analysts, and lobbyists.

Customer Objectives

CQ Roll Call is a leading source of information about every activity in Congress. CQ publishes news and analysis on its web properties and in print and also provides access to government data including detailed profiles and activities of every member of congress, every bill and law and every proceeding in Congress.

To better serve and expand their customer base, CQ needed to expand and refine the ways this information was delivered as well as add new sources of information such as searchable video.

CQ’s infrastructure was based on traditional database and search engine technology that was difficult and complicated to manage. Up to 15% of their IT staff’s time – or 40 man weeks a year – was spent on technical support for the web properties, and adding new information and creating new products was a difficult and time consuming task.

MarkLogic dramatically improves the user’s efficiency by making the searching process much simpler and more intuitive. The end user is more efficient because the solution reduces the number of cycles needed to find the correct information.

Dennis Arndt, CTO and Sr. Vice President of Technology, CQ Roll Call

The MarkLogic Solution

CQ’s move to deploy MarkLogic to create new products, and to replace the traditional database and search engine infrastructure across all their properties with a single component has:

  • Created new revenue producing products such as CQ Floor Video which provides fully searchable real-time access to every minute of House and Senate proceedings.
  • Reduced technical support by 90% from reduced technical support effort – from 40 man weeks to 2 weeks.
  • Made new information available in real-time as it is loaded, and shared information from multiple sources across all products.
  • Improved existing products and search and improved renewal rates.
  • Improved productivity of internal staff by 4% with better access to their own archive and data.

Key CQ Roll Call applications

  • Legislative Impact: tracking how bills will affect laws.
  • CQ Floor Video: instant access to video of every word spoken in the House and Senate.
  • Search: sub-second results across 100s of sources of government data, news, and analysis.
  • Member Profiles: detailed information on every member of Congress past and present, and tools to create custom profiles for distribution.

MarkLogic has helped us narrow down searches easily and the response our users get back is faster and cleaner. We are tremendously confident in MarkLogic as a company, a database, and so much more. MarkLogic is growing in the right direction and we are doing something new with the software every year.

Blendi Qatipi, Vice President of Engineering, CQ Roll Call

MarkLogic Benefits

CQ.com’s innovative and targeted information products are delivering highly accurate answers to their users and combine information in immediately actionable and valuable ways. MarkLogic lets CQ create and deliver these products with a single simplified architecture that is:

  • The only Enterprise NoSQL database: delivering millions of dollars of revenue each year to customers like CQ
  • Flexible and agile: enabling CQ to add new content and create new products in weeks not months
  • Cost effective: reducing effort spent on maintenance and speeding product development

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