Codifyd is the leading provider of product content services and solutions, helping e-commerce companies transform complex product data into web-ready content. For more than fifteen years, Codifyd’s e-commerce design, implementation, and maintenance strategies not only enable companies to reduce costs, reduce time to market, and grow revenue, but also pave the way for an exceptional e-commerce shopping experience for online buyers. From product categorization to attribution to site search to the nitty-gritty details of product data, Codifyd makes it easy for customers to find, understand, and add products to their carts.

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As a provider of product content services and solutions, Codifyd has to solve the challenges e-commerce companies face in today’s digital commerce marketplace. Over the last ten years, user’s site search behavior has changed to favor searching for a specific product attribute instead of a general product type, and most e-commerce sites are not designed for that purpose. Users also experience website fatigue more quickly than ever before. In order to evolve with user habits, the company needed to deliver solutions that allow its customers’ users to easily and quickly find the exact information they need to buy a product. Specifically, Codifyd faced the following challenges:

Integrating and Managing Complex and Large Volumes of Data. Codifyd required a flexible, agile and robust database to merge multimillions of heterogeneous unstructured data points from tens of thousands of suppliers into distributors’ product catalogues. In addition, Codifyd needed a way to help customers integrate data resulting from mergers and acquisitions.

Findability. To prevent too few, too many, or irrelevant product results being displayed to a user (Goldilocks syndrome), Codifyd needed a search capability that could provide product context so its customers’ users could easily find the exact products that serve their needs.

Highly Competitive Market. In order to stay competitive, Codifyd had to provide the technology necessary to help online businesses get products to market quicker, expand their product catalogues, and transform messy, back-end product data into engaging online content that’s consistent, complete, and easy to find.

The Solution

Codifyd selected the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform with built-in search and semantics features to power its Bridge and Precise Search data management and search applications. Codifyd built two commercially available solutions on MarkLogic that speed product onboarding, improve data quality, relevance, and enterprise search:

Codifyd Bridge rapidly incorporates heterogeneous unstructured product data from manufacturers or suppliers into a distributor’s online catalogue.

Codifyd Precise Search solves the findability problem in which search results for both browse and text are identical and found in sub-seconds.

Codifyd is in the business of making products more findable on e-commerce sites and helping retailers expand their product catalogues. Building our solutions on MarkLogic means we can quickly take to market the industry’s most compelling solutions. MarkLogic is easy to use, meets our rigorous search and ACID requirements, and enables us to integrate heterogeneous data. What could be better?

Mark Unak, CTO, Codifyd

Why MarkLogic

With MarkLogic powering both Bridge and Precise Search, Codifyd is able to integrate, organize, cleanse, enrich and standardize huge volumes of disparate data, which is then transformed into engaging, quality content that converts searches into sales. MarkLogic can manage all of the above while ensuring transactional consistency and security. Additional benefits include:

Faster Time to Value: Codifyd created these two new revenue-driving apps in just over a year. Bridge speeds the process of collecting, preparing, and onboarding product data for the web so e-commerce companies can add new products online at a significantly faster rate. The company is able to accomplish this quickly due to MarkLogic’s ability to ingest data “as is”. By leveraging MarkLogic’s integrated search feature Codifyd was able to create a recommendation engine within Precise Search, This application gives Codifyd distributors the ability to merchandise products by bundling relevant products in a set and showing those results to a user. This has led to increased average order value, which has proven to be a vital tool for upselling.

Improved Findability and User Experience: Precise Search takes advantage of MarkLogic’s built-in search feature that performs real-time keyword searches that yield targeted and relevant results instantly as consumers type. Within sub-seconds, keywords are matched to product attributes and displayed in real time so online buyers can immediately identify the correct product by the criteria they entered. In the past, users had to browse by faceted search, slowly selecting product features one by one. Now online buyers can quickly find the exact product they need, which increases trust, loyalty, and customer retention.

Online Sales Growth for Codifyd Customers: Typically, it takes six months to get data for new products onto a distributor’s website. Through Bridge and MarkLogic’s ability to ingest data as-is, Codifyd has reduced that time to two weeks for faster product onboarding. This enables companies to grow their product assortments and offer a larger selection of products online faster. For one customer, Codifyd added 660,000 new SKUs in an hour into its product catalogue, increasing its online sales by 5%. Bridge also improves the accuracy and completeness of product data, which increases the confidence customers need to make a purchase decision.

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