It’s Time to Rip Off the ETL Band-Aid

Health IT Outcomes

March 3, 2016

MarkLogic’s David Nace, MD and Bill Fox thank ETL for its service in healthcare and explain why it’s time to move on. Hard-Earned Lessons For CIOs


March 2, 2016

A deep drive and discussion about lessons learned about implementing and succeeding with one of the world’s largest data integration projects:

Aaron Brause: MarkLogic Supports Healthcare Orgs Through Database


March 1, 2016

Learn why healthcare organizations such as M*Modal, and the top three Medicare/Medicaid Manager Care Payers employ MarkLogic’s database.

5 Best Practices for Overcoming Data Integration Challenges

Health IT Outcomes

February 25, 2016

MarkLogic’s David Nace, MD and Bill Fox explain how data integration can improve patient care and clinical outcomes, empower patients, and improve quality while reducing overall costs.

10 Tips for Integrating NoSQL Databases in Your Business

CIO Magazine

February 14, 2016

CIO Magazine offers best practices for integrating an Enterprise NoSQL database.

Irish Tax Institute Accelerates Tax Database Search with MarkLogic


January 18, 2016

Irish Tax Institute swaps incumbent database with MarkLogic database to power TaxFind, integrating and delivering the right information to the right people in sub-seconds.

Irish Tax Institute Finds NoSQL Answer to Taxing Content Challenges


January 15, 2016

Irish tax advisors has replaced the relational database that previously provided its TaxFind service with MarkLogic.

The Untold Story of Rescuing


January 4, 2016

After a relational database failed, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services completed the world’s most ambitious data integration-based project in just months.

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