MarkLogic Pushes NoSQL Further Into the Enterprise

Database Trends and Applications

September 24, 2015

Big Data Quarterly investigated the changing database management market and what MarkLogic is doing to meet emerging enterprise customer requirements.

Gary Bloom on The Bloomberg Advantage


September 22, 2015

Listen to Gary Bloom explain how MarkLogic offers a Google-like experience for enterprise and government users looking to maximize their data.

Live, and Just a Swipe Away — It’s 40 Years of Saturday Night Live!


September 9, 2015

NBC enlisted Enterprise NoSQL to help create an app that will predict followup sketches that compel users to keep watching

MarkLogic Hones Its Triple Store


August 18, 2015

MarkLogic, which supports a variant of the graph database known as a semantic triple store, hopes that a recent update puts this type of big data analysis on the map for more customers.

Data Integration Challenges Stymie Health IT


August 17, 2015

It takes 16 days for an agency to confirm health care benefit eligibility for a new recipient, according to a survey from MeriTalk.

From BCBS to TOGAF: The Need for a Semantically Rigorous Business Architecture


July 27, 2015

In a recent blog posting I showed how semantic models can be used to take a number of regulatory submissions from banks and normalise them to make systematic comparisons of their Risk Data Architectures without getting lost in the weeds of vendor specialisations and technical preferences.

NBC: A Case of Saturday Night Live On the Go


July 27, 2015

For the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, NBC wanted to introduce a new app that would make it easier for viewers on the go to connect with any one of the show’s thousands of sketch comedy pieces. NBC turned to MarkLogic to make the app possible.

The Database Dating Game

Data Center Knowledge

July 14, 2015

Data dating is much more complicated than when there were just two options: mainframes and relational databases. And in this era, the stakes are higher.

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