Next generation Big Data requires a next generation database. Be part of something big.

For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful and trusted Enterprise NoSQL database that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information.

The MarkLogic team is passionate about building technology that makes a difference in the lives of people throughout the world everyday. What’s more, the company is filled with industry experts focused on taking our next generation database to next generation customers. Our agile technology powers more than 500 of the world’s most critical Big Data applications that drive revenue, streamline operations, manage risk and make the world safer.

Our Environment

Whether it’s our waterfront headquarters in San Carlos, our midtown office in New York City or our centrally located offices in Washington D.C., London, Tokyo and Frankfurt, we’ve built dynamic and social environments people want to work in, with perks that make building the only Enterprise NoSQL database a lot more fun: catered lunches, kitchens stocked full of snacks and specialty beverages, and regular end-of-the-week parties.

San Carlos
San Carlos
Washington DC
Washington D.C.



Our partnerships have never been stronger or more numerous. Our team is building alliances that are helping to define not only MarkLogic, but also the Big Data market. Open Positions »


It takes innovation to continue to improve our award-winning technology, and we engineers do it year-after-year at MarkLogic. With the only Enterprise NoSQL database we’re truly building something unique that is changing the world. Open Positions »


We’re an agile marketing team, which means we’re always trying new campaign types, new creative and the latest marketing vehicles – keeping our activities current and our success measurable. Open Positions »


We know the value our technology brings to Big Data applications and we’re experts at sharing this with our customers. We’re a fantastically focused team with clear objectives and BIG sales opportunities. Open Positions »


Unique technology deserves a one-of-a-kind support team. Not only do we provide 24/7, follow-the sun expert support, we enable the business by creating consistently satisfied, long-term loyal customers. Open Positions »

Product Management

Everyday our team has the opportunity to drive our features forward. We keep our technology cutting-edge by using our expertise to marry the innovative ideas from our engineers and the insightful feedback from our longtime customers. Open Positions »


We’re experts at identifying and ensuring our customer’s business needs are perfectly matched with our product capabilities – our consulting team is critical to driving the business forward. Open Positions »

MarkLogic University (MLU)

We’re not only knowledgeable about MarkLogic, we’re also Big Data experts at a time when the world is just starting to realize its potential. Enrollments are growing and so is the impact we’re having on the developers. Open Positions »

Sales Operations

Our work makes sales growth possible. Not only are we a partner to our sales team’s critical customer interactions, we’re also constantly improving our sales processes to enable business activities throughout MarkLogic. Open Positions »

Market Development

Lead qualification is only the start of what we do. We’re on the front line of customer interactions. Our team is key to providing prospects with the information they need to take their interest in MarkLogic to the next level with our sales managers. Open Positions »

Human Resources

Big – it not only defines the data we process and the customers we work with, our team’s Big focus is on employee enablement and growth. We’re using our expertise everyday to build an inclusive, social and dynamic team. Open Positions »


At MarkLogic we know Finance is not just about the numbers, our team streamlines processes, identifies efficiencies and propels the business forward with our in-depth understanding about what drives MarkLogic’s business. Open Positions »


Offices, hardware, and sustenance (yes that means really fantastic food) directly impact productivity. We have the opportunity to save the day, time-and-time again. Open Positions »


We’re experts in law and technology and we’re passionate about the Big Data business we’re enabling. By ensuring every department has access to our legal expertise before, during and after engaging in contracts, customer negotiations and patents – we keep the business nimble. Open Positions »