Recap: Security Through Innovation Summit

This week we had the privilege of being a sponsor at the Security Through Innovation Summit in Washington DC, presented by our friends at Intel Corporation. This event brought together Government IT and industry leaders to discuss topics related to Cybersecurity, Big Data, Cloud, and Virtualization, among others.

Jonathan Bakke, our Senior VP of Global Services, participated in a panel discussion on the topic of Maximizing the Value of Big Data Analytics, with government executives from the DoD, the Intelligence Community, and the Civilian sector. Jon talked about the need for a new generation NoSQL Database like MarkLogic to handle unstructured and multi-structured information that doesn’t fit in relational database technologies, and that represents a large percentage of what is considered “Big Data.”

This summit also gave us the opportunity to discuss with Government participants the confluence between CyberSecurity and Big Data, and the need for technology like MarkLogic to address the real-time large scale data analysis needs that are associated with Government Cyber initiatives.

Many thanks to Intel for the invitation to participate in this fantastic event.