NoSQL Databases Nipping at RDBMS Heels

I’m sure Oracle is not quaking in its shoes — but there is no doubt that NoSQL databases are beginning to encroach on sovereign ground. Initially companies seem to toe into NoSQL to answer the agility issue — the schema-agnostic wonderfulness that means a zillion hours are no longer spent re-modeling data. Because MarkLogic puts the Enterprise in NoSQL — with all those transactiony, ACID-y, consistency and security features that folks in charge of infrastructure seem to hanker for, there is this moment of realization when people say — wait — I can get all the must-haves from an RDBMS — and I don’t need to model? and I don’t need to bolt on a search engine?

Yep. MarkLogic is both ACID and NoSQL. It’s not conventional wisdom that ACID and NoSQL are simpatico — in fact most believe errantly that if it is NoSQL it can NOT be ACID. But that just isn’t true. And it is the reason that 6 of the top 10 global banks are using MarkLogic in production capacity. Yes, yes, you read that right, 6 of the top 10 global banks are using MarkLogic.

And, because there is no need to rebuild databases, or reindex for the search engine, or re-model data – in every case where we have displaced RDBMS — we have also been able to help them reallocate staff from babysitting databases — to developing applications.

The bell doth not toll for thee, RDBMS. But don’t get too comfortable.