Matt Allen

Director of Product Marketing

Matt Allen is a Director of Product Marketing Manager responsible for marketing all the features and benefits of MarkLogic across all verticals. In this role, Matt interfaces with the product and engineering team and with sales and marketing to create content and events that educate and inspire adoption of the technology. Matt is based at MarkLogic headquarters in San Carlos, CA and in his free time he is an artist who specializes in large oil paintings.

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5 Open Source Myths

“Should we go open source or proprietary?” That oft-repeated question is actually not so black and white—and like most things in life there is a whole lot of grey. Today, open source is usually not purely open source. And, die-hard proprietary software companies are today buying open source companies and running their own open source […]


Mixing Workloads At An Investment Bank

For more content related to this post, check out two talks given at MarkLogic World in San Francisco: Mixing Analytic and Operational Workloads by Aaron Rosenbaum, Senior Director of Product Strategy; and, Data Governance in Regulated Industries by Amir Halfon, CTO of Worldwide Financial Services. You can follow them on Twitter at @arosenbaum and @amirhalfon. […]


Could LinkedIn Run on MarkLogic?

The following blog pulls together thoughts expressed by my fellow colleagues, Charles Greer, John Snelson, Stephen Buxton and Philip Fennell during MarkLogic World. LinkedIn is the “World’s largest professional network.” It also has some great apps that others covet: “People You May Know”, faceted search, InMail messaging system, and the analytics they run via Hadoop […]


Founder’s Online: A Lesson in Performance

This post is a snapshot of the talk given at MarkLogic World, titled, “Planning for Growth with and without Performance Metering,” given by David Sewell, Editorial and Technical Manager for University of Virginia Press, with support from Tim Finney, Lead Programmer out of Perth, Australia. MarkLogic is great for large enterprises running large applications, but […]


Performance Theory: Tales From MarkLogic Support

This post is a snapshot of the talk that Jason Hunter and Franklin Salonga will give next week at MarkLogic World, also titled, “Performance Theory: Tales From The MarkLogic Support Desk.” Jason Hunter is Chief Architect and Frank Salonga is Lead Engineer at MarkLogic. You can follow Jason on Twitter @hunterhacker. MarkLogic is extremely well-designed, […]


Escape the Snow! Sunny Outlook for MarkLogic World

If you’re like me, you have been getting tired of the cold, snow, and rain that has made me completely forget what the sun even feels like. And, I live in Washington, DC. If you’re farther up north, I can’t even fathom. The good news? You can join me and hundreds of others in San […]


MarkLogic World Tour: Top 5 Reasons To Attend

MarkLogic World Tour 2014 kicks off in San Francisco on April 7th and then hits Amsterdam, London, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, DC through May and June. MarkLogic World brings together experts in the database world—from developers to executives—with something for everyone. Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend MarkLogic World Tour […]