Matt Allen

Director of Product Marketing

Matt Allen is a Director of Product Marketing Manager responsible for marketing all the features and benefits of MarkLogic across all verticals. In this role, Matt interfaces with the product and engineering team and with sales and marketing to create content and events that educate and inspire adoption of the technology. Matt is based at MarkLogic headquarters in San Carlos, CA and in his free time he is an artist who specializes in large oil paintings.

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TDWI Hadoop Readiness Assessment and Guide

Research organization TDWI recently published an online survey and assessment guide to help organizations determine how ready they are to adopt and implement Hadoop. In the past few years, the number of organizations using Hadoop—or contemplating using it—has grown astronomically. Each organization has common questions about whether they are really ready to implement Hadoop, and […]


Relational Databases Are Not Designed For Mixed Workloads

Relational databases are designed for either OLTP or OLAP workloads. You can’t use one database for both. Today, that limitation is no longer acceptable as IT struggles to keep pace with the speed of business. To recap, in previous posts I discussed two aspects of how relational databases have inflexible data models that are not […]


Relational Databases Are Not Designed For Scale

Relational databases are designed to run on a single server in order to maintain the integrity of the table mappings and avoid the problems of distributed computing. We’re at a tipping point with data volume. In my last post, I showed the stat from EMC about how the digital universe is expected to grow from […]


Relational Databases Are Not Designed For Heterogeneous Data

Relational databases have resulted in accidental complexity that keeps most organizations spinning in circles. Organizations simply cannot keep up with the many shapes, sizes, and types data that are quickly growing in volume and changing. In the previous post, I discussed why today’s dynamic, constantly changing data is a problem for relational databases. In this […]


Relational Databases Are Not Designed To Handle Change

Today, change occurs frequently, and data modeling is a huge challenge because of the time and resources that relational databases require. Unfortunately, when using a relational database, even a simple change like adding or replacing a column in a table might be a million dollar task. From CIOs to developers, everyone is realizing that relational […]


Semantics: Solving Today’s Complex Big Data Challenges

What is Semantics and why should you use it? In this infographic, we answer those questions and also provide an example of one of our customers using semantics to model complex relationships in their data. Please take a look, share it, and download the SNL 40 app to see semantics in action! View and Download […]


Looking Back on 12 Years of Constant Innovation

Enterprise-Ready in Version 1 It’s not easy to be both innovative and enterprise-ready from the start, but MarkLogic was. Initially launched as Cerisent XQE Server 1, the first version of MarkLogic carried patents for its innovative way of storing data, and also included ACID transactions, application services, and backup/restore. Very few technologies are enterprise-ready in […]


Behind the Scenes with Samplestack

This week, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Kasey Alderete, the Product Manager that helped guide Samplestack from a nascent idea that we started thinking about last spring into a fully functioning app that we just launched a few weeks ago. While we have plenty of technical documentation on Samplestack, and […]


Responses to MarkLogic 8 at the Partner Summit in NYC

Last week we put out a press release announcing the availability of MarkLogic 8 Early Access Edition, which coincided with our Partner Summit in New York. I had the opportunity to talk to some of our partners and CTOs, and it was a great opportunity to capture some initial reactions about MarkLogic 8—both from those […]


Standing Out in the Crowd at Oracle OpenWorld

Last week, an estimated 70,000 people arrived in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld. In the course of five days there were 2000+ sessions, 3000+ speakers, and about 800 exhibitors and demos. There were a lot of talks focused on the cloud, flash storage, engineered systems, analytics, and of course big data. MarkLogic had a popular […]