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Reinventing Your Retail Loyalty Program to Win

“U.S. Internet users belong to more than 13 loyalty programs, on average, according to brand loyalty data analyzed by eMarketer. But only 50% of users are active members.” 1 In Retail, few issues differentiate the winners from the losers more clearly than successful loyalty and rewards programs. Perennial winners at Retail loyalty programs, such as Kroger […]


Why Do Retailers Miss Out on E-Commerce Opportunities?

In my last post, we outlined the reasons why so many retailers fail to take advantage of the e-commerce opportunity and concluded that any solution for driving e-commerce sales growth must provide consumers with superior search capability, personalized promotions, value and convenience. Additionally, the solution must be able to provide all of this in real-time. After all, for […]


Retailers: Are You Meeting the Needs of Digital Consumers?

“One customer can shop with us in so many different ways — in stores, on their phones, at home, we’ll win one customer at a time.” – Doug McMillon, CEO of Wal-Mart, announcing a $1 billion investment in e-commerce   E-Commerce today is the fastest growing segment of the Retail industry. In Q1 2015, online […]


Consumer 360: Reaching Each Consumer With a One-in-a-Billion Message

“We make some of the best known brands in the world, and those brands are used by 2 billion people every day.” – Unilever Few industries reach out to and impact the lives of more consumers every day than the Consumer and Retail Industries. Yet the industry’s transformation from Mass Marketing to 1:1 Marketing is […]


Removing Roadblocks to Omnichannel 360 in Retail

“Nordstrom kicks its omnichannel strategy to the curb” – George Anderson, RetailWire Few topics are as hyped up as omnichannel in Retail – or as difficult to execute successfully. Part of the problem depends on where you sit within the organization. Marketers view this as a consumer issue, in-store this is a merchandising and fulfillment […]


Retail and Consumer Industries: Big Data, Little Insight

Donald Soares is CTO of Retail and Consumer at MarkLogic and is based out of our Chicago office. With over 20 years of experience working with Retail, Consumer and E-Commerce clients, Donald has a deep understanding of the unique needs of this vertical. That’s why he is so passionate about championing MarkLogic’s value proposition as the only Enterprise NoSQL database – a […]