Diane Burley

Chief Content Strategist

Responsible for overall content strategy and developing integrated content delivery systems for MarkLogic. She is a former online executive with Gannett with astute business sense, a metaphorical communication style and no fear of technology. Diane has delivered speeches to global audiences on using technologies to transform business. She believes that regardless of industry or audience, “unless the content is highly relevant — and perceived to be valuable by the individual or organization — it is worthless.” 


Where did you grow up?

Williamsville, New York

What is your favorite hobby?

Cooking -- love cooking with my two sons. It's relaxing, creative and sometimes a bit competitive!!

Where was your favorite place you went on vacation?

Sicily. It was like the collision of the ancient with the modern. Absolutely riveting.

What type of music do you like to listen to?

Depends on the day and the task at hand. Rock for cleaning, jazz for writing. Stuff in between for long rides.

What is your favorite season? Why?

Love the summer; the long periods of daylight, not being cold and eating from my garden.

Most Posts By Diane Burley

Big Data Nation Tour — Cincinnati!

Our first stop on the Big Data Nation tour was Cincinnati and it was a treat. Held at the Great American Ball Park, it was a glorious 80-degree, picture perfect day. The lineup (on Big Data) was superb: David Steiner, Research Scientist, LexisNexis Pat Conniff, Dir of Web Hosting, Cengage Learning Sriham Mohan, Prof Advanced […]


Fraud: Weapon of Asset Destruction

High-profile hacks and cyber espionage by nation states (or those working on their behest) have been in the spotlight of late. But a far more insidious computer threat lurks much closer to home: criminals perpetrating fraud. According to a 2011 report by public accounting firm UHY Advisors, fraud is a whopping $1 trillion dilemma in […]


Twitter et al & Inherent Risks of Some 3rd Party Hosted Solutions

The Tweet that humbled Wall Street last week was ironic and iconic all at once. No doubt the venerable Associated Press had cyber-secured all of its many systems to safeguard the integrity of the news it disseminates. Globally, firms are expected to spend nearly $70 billion in 2013 alone. But for all the padlocks and […]


Betting the Firm on a Digital Infrastructure

I started in digital publishing at the onset — when you had no choice but to go out and roll your own infrastructure. There simply were no other options. Building from scratch was long and arduous, but as most anyone of a certain age will tell you, across any industry, you have a deeper understanding […]


Benchmarking Hardware for NoSQL Environment

After four exacting months, its done: MarkLogic and StorageReview worked together to develop the first actual NoSQL environment to benchmark storage that clearly illustrates the benefits of flash coupled with the industry’s fastest interconnect. The dataset included the publicly- available Wikipedia XML collection because of the inclusion of multi-language and non-ASCII text. See which devices […]


Backs Against the Wall

Deadlines typically force you to think of what’s critical — and what’s nice to have. In newspapers, magazines, and sometimes blog posts, sometimes good enough is good enough. Software is different, particularly if the business side of the house has made promises to clients without checking with development to see what’s feasible. Two MarkLogic media […]


Premier NoSQL Event @MarkLogic World, April 8-11

MarkLogic World is the premier event for Enterprise NoSQL experts and this year’s conference at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas features practitioners and thought leaders from around the globe. Kick-started by full-day training day on Monday, April 7, MarkLogic World gets into gear on Tuesday with an opening keynote by veteran database executive and CEO of […]


Keep it Simple, Just Use MarkLogic

Curt Monash’s September 30 post offered that “Oracle NoSQL is Unlikely to be a Big Deal,” which prompted the following from aviation consultant Chris Bird (who was in a previous life a Gartner analyst and CTO of Sabre): “I have been thinking about a model for XML data management that uses the relational underpinnings for […]


Birth of Big Data

While 2011-2012 was the breakout timeframe for the term Big Data, New York Times reporter Steve Lohr researched the etymology of the word Big Data to find out who first coined it. He considered between two good  sources: Francis X. Diebold, an economist at the University of Pennsylvania, for his paper on “Big Data Dynamic […]


Discerning Eyes …

Where there is Big Weather there is Big Interest  — and for discerning eyes, MarkLogic World’s Big Data Nation is right there too. These are just two of the sites that featured ads for the premier April 8-11 event. While it is not possible at time of reporting to note how many eyeballs saw the […]