Diane Burley

Chief Content Strategist

Responsible for overall content strategy and developing integrated content delivery systems for MarkLogic. She is a former online executive with Gannett with astute business sense, a metaphorical communication style and no fear of technology. Diane has delivered speeches to global audiences on using technologies to transform business. She believes that regardless of industry or audience, “unless the content is highly relevant — and perceived to be valuable by the individual or organization — it is worthless.” 


Where did you grow up?

Williamsville, New York

What is your favorite hobby?

Cooking -- love cooking with my two sons. It's relaxing, creative and sometimes a bit competitive!!

Where was your favorite place you went on vacation?

Sicily. It was like the collision of the ancient with the modern. Absolutely riveting.

What type of music do you like to listen to?

Depends on the day and the task at hand. Rock for cleaning, jazz for writing. Stuff in between for long rides.

What is your favorite season? Why?

Love the summer; the long periods of daylight, not being cold and eating from my garden.

Most Posts By Diane Burley

Women in Technology; Women in My Company

In a recent NYT article a scientist laments that her career has been stalled because of a sexual assault that happened while working in the field 30 years ago. While her assailant was a complete stranger, she noted that it is colleagues whom many women scientists have been assaulted by – and which derails their […]


Why the DMIX Needs MarkLogic

Blood sugar or blood glucose? Acute mental confusion or delirium? Language discrepancies like these are but two examples of how clinical notes may differ from practitioner to practitioner – let alone facility to facility. Further, one facility may identify patients through a number system – while another system may use a combination of letters and […]


NoSQL for Dummies

Really not a fan of the phrase “dumbing it down” as it intimates that the recipient is not smart enough to receive the message – versus the sender not being capable of communicating it properly! Certainly I am an outlier as Dummies®  is the hottest and most recognizable of all the reference brands out there. […]


Can NoSQL Solve Polling Dilemma?

The stunning upset of Eric Cantor in the Virginia congressional race was largely stupendous because the pollsters got it so wrong – by “18 standard-deviation points” said one analyst. It was “pollster malfeasance” by the polling firm McLaughlin & Associates, and it should get the equivalent of the “pollster death penalty” said a commenter to Frank […]


REST Wrapper for C++

My prolific colleague Adam Fowler is at it again. Since he is on the front line of integrating MarkLogic with legacy systems — he has seen multiple needs (in just the last few weeks) for a C++ Rest Wrapper for platform integration and application integration. So in true Adam fashion he is working on creating a […]


Organizing a Marketing DAM

This is part 4 of our marketing department’s journey to creating a scalable content management and delivery system using RSuite built on MarkLogic. We began the journey in late 2013. I’m a bit behind because of all the attention we have had on getting the MarkLogic World tour content together. But i am back in writing mode. And here we […]


Sharing the Code

In his new role as head of the computer-science department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Jim Hendler wants to shake up how computer programming is taught — and share the code. In an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Hendler is concerned that the demand for resources is outpacing how fast people can be trained — and […]


MLW Preview: Introducing the Data-Centered Data Center

I had a chance to catch up with David Gorbet, VP Engineering at MarkLogic about his upcoming keynote at MarkLogic World. He might be an engineer, but he is an engaging and colorful speaker – who likes to show as well as tell. His talk will be about changing the approach to data management from […]


Mainframe Copybook to NoSQL

My colleague Ken Krupa recently found himself time-traveling between his early grunt years as a COBOL programmer and his current role as chief architect of an Enterprise NoSQL company. A meeting with a (huge) organization, heavily reliant on (massive) amounts of data generated from legacy mainframes had him playing with COBOL “copybooks” to bring them […]


JSON, Angular JS and MarkLogic

For years MarkLogic was known as an XML repository — so its not surprising that folks don’t think of the Enterprise NoSQL database as natively handling JSON. But handle JSON it does — and very well. In fact my colleague Dave Cassel just put together a list of JavaScript tools that will help you jumpstart development. […]