Alicia Saia

Director, Solutions Marketing

As Director, Solutions Marketing at MarkLogic, Alicia is responsible for directing overall MarkLogic product marketing efforts, as well as market messaging and content development for solutions across MarkLogic's verticals (Public Sector, Healthcare, Media, Financial Services, Retail, Energy, Insurance, etc.). Prior to joining MarkLogic, she held a variety of marketing and product management roles at software companies in the public sector, security, and healthcare markets.

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Big Data Nation DC: Think Differently

It was a beautiful morning in our nation’s capital as I arrived at the Marriott Metro Center for the latest stop on the MarkLogic Big Data Nation tour. This event was specially focused on Big Data challenges and solutions for government. Steve Cooper, former CIO of DHS and FAA, gave the keynote talk and told […]


Do you have Big Data or Cumbersome Data?

I came across this blog post on LinkedIn yesterday, and I thought it was an interesting counterpart to my colleague Amir’s recent post on whether size matters in regard to “Big Data.” The author is Demian Hess, from Avalon Consulting (a MarkLogic partner, who has built some very cool stuff on top of our database), […]


U.S. government gets a new test bed for secure cloud computing

MarkLogic is going to be helping the U.S. government to develop the next generation of secure cloud computing services to support Multi-INT data management and analysis. We’ll be doing this by participating in the CTE (Continuous Transformational Environment) Lab hosted within the QTS (Quality Technology Services) data center in Virginia. Leading hardware and software vendors […]


Podcast with one of the smartest guys I know

On April 3, CTOvision interviewed MarkLogic’s public sector CTO, Chris Biow, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past year or so since I joined MarkLogic. Chris provided insights into why you might need a NoSQL database (hints: you have data doesn’t fit nicely into a relational model, and you need to […]


MarkLogic in Defense & Intelligence – Use Case #4: Coping with the Data Deluge

Our customers tell us, “The scale of information we collect is mind blowing. From all over the web we collate information, along with our own internal data sources and reports. We’re struggling to manage all of this.” Here’s how MarkLogic can help. Traditional systems like those built on relational databases (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) are designed […]


MarkLogic in Defense & Intelligence – Use Case #3: Real-time Alerting

Our customers tell us, “I know what information I want. As soon as it arrives I need to be informed about it, and to make instant use of it. I don’t want to be bothered by junk though.” Here’s how MarkLogic can help. Our Enterprise NoSQL database platform includes a real-time alerting framework that enables timely responses. […]


MarkLogic in Defense & Intelligence – Use Case #2: Sophisticated Queries

Our customers tell us, “Our organization generates a lot of information. It’s hard to keep up and decide what is relevant. Manually searching and trawling through results takes a lot of time too.” Here’ s how MarkLogic can help. Because the MarkLogic embedded search capabilities were designed specifically to work with the database (versus other systems where […]


Fail fast so you don’t fail big

FCW reported on yesterday’s presentation from MarkLogic Public Sector CTO Chris Biow at a big data symposium hosted by the Defense Strategies Institute.


MarkLogic in Defense & Intelligence – Use Case #1: Real-time Search and Data Enrichment

Our customers tell us, “I have to go through a huge dump of electronic documents. I need to find relationships, and identify topics, meetings, people, and places.” Here’s how MarkLogic can help. MarkLogic combines an Enterprise NoSQL database with an advanced search engine within a single package. This allows data to be loaded into the […]


Technologies to help government agencies with Big Data

MarkLogic Public Sector CTO Chris Biow was interviewed last week by GCN about technology trends that will help government agencies derive more value from their Big Data projects. His picks were cloud computing, Hadoop, NoSQL databases, and semantic technology.