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New generation big data requires a new generation database.

Schema-agnostic Enterprise NoSQL database technology, coupled with powerful search and flexible application services—MarkLogic is the trusted platform for information applications for organizations that look to drive revenue, streamline operations, manage risk, and make the world safer.

  • Powerful and complete platform to speed development. Unrivaled collection of enterprise-hardened features and development tools mean that MarkLogic helps you build valuable applications fast.
  • Accessible and agile to ensure you see results fast. Flexible APIs let you code in the language of your choice, while integrations allow data to be available to those who need it to make better decisions.
  • Trusted to run the most mission-critical applications. Proven reliability, scalability, security, and over 500 deployed enterprise projects–MarkLogic is the Big Data platform public & private sector organizations depend on.


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